The Simply Salad has raised INR 30 lakhs for the equity of 10% from Shark Tank India season 2 at a valuation of 3 crore rupees. The mother-son team requested from the sharks an investment of Rs 30 lakhs with 10% equity for their business. Anupam, Piyush and Namita did not give the offer, but Vinita Singh and Aman Gupta matched the offer according to the demand of the founder. Because of Vinita and Aman’s offers, Piyush, too, wanted to make an offer but decided against it. Aman and Vineeta finally closed the deal with 10% equity and Rs 30 lakh in funding.

About The Simply Salad

Founder Payal Pathak had to struggle a lot to lose weight. Everyone used to say that if you want to lose weight, eat salad, but Payal used to find eating salad quite useless, but over time, Payal started making healthy and healthy salads for herself. In 2020, she started this startup with the help of he son.

The Simply Salad is a cloud kitchen in Ahmedabad that prepares and delivers a variety of healthy, delicious and creative salads to people’s homes. You can buy their products on a weekly or monthly subscription or book from big platforms like Swiggy and Zomato.

The Simply Salad was started in Ahmedabad in August 2020 by the mother, Payal Pathak, and son Soham Payal Pathak. From a small cloud kitchen, they have shipped 35,000 orders to customers and delivered 80 to 90 orders daily.

The Simply Salad sells 4.42 lakhs every month, making a profit of about 2 lakhs. The cost of their weekly subscriptions is Rs. 180 each day, while the cost of their monthly subscriptions is Rs. 150 per day. Furthermore, their gross margin is 64%.

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Problem Solved by The Simply Salad

Due to the plant’s light-catching, energy-converting machinery in the leaves, leafy green vegetables is nutrient-rich. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, calcium, folate, fibre, and phytonutrients are all present in salad greens. Because they are naturally low in calories and sodium and cholesterol-free, leafy vegetables are a fantastic addition to a healthy diet. Leafy greens provide several health advantages thanks to phytonutrients, substances that protect plants. These substances are increasingly considered essential to a healthy diet supporting long-term wellness. The simply Salad solves the problem by providing people with healthy food.

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