One Stop Facilitation Centre for Startups & Entrepreneurs

We are not an Incubation Centre or a CoWorking, we facilitate startups in terms of technology, marketing, business services, legal services at one stop app-based facilitation centre.

What is Facilitation Centre

Facilitation Centre @ WEXT is a place where from entrepreneurs, to visionary dreamers, to corporate employees; to startup founders get the opportunity to change their ideas into world-changing businesses.

This facilitation centre is formed by TechnoGripper Solutions Private Limited with a view to help those who are planning to startup and also for those who are in the midway but are looking for various services for accelerating their business.


Made in India,
Made for India

We work with the vision that we are MADE IN INDIA and MADE FOR INDIA. We will provide services to only Indian companies and not to any international companies.

Incubation Services

Our incubation services engage in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship for making the startups to grow stronger with plug and play facility. We give incubation both online and offline. If you are living in some other city, still you can get incubated with us.

Business Services

Our Business Services includes technology, marketing, legal, accounting, market research, and other services thats require to run & grow a startup.

Investment Opportunities, Mentorship

Our investment opportunities aid in fund raising for accelerating growth. We also provide mentors to give guidance in planning and creating good business strategies.

Corporate Partnership

We enable meetups with partners and investors thus giving corporate partnerships.

Our Mentors & Advisors

Our mentors are the top notch experts that will you guidance throughout your journey and we have a team of 50+ advisors on the board with us who are experts in their respective fields like technology, sales, marketing, HR and more.

Join WEXT as Startup, Today

WEXT for Startup is an initiative by TechnoGripper Solutions Private Limited to support startups and entrepreneurs who are building something really GOOD. We bring all the best possible Business Services, Incubation Services and Investment Opportunities at your table.

We love to talking with Startups & Entrepreneurs

Drop your relavant contact details, someone from Business Analyst team will setup a call with you and discuss about your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Facilitation Centre & Why?

A facilitation centre is a place where you get the opportunity to grow your business. We would take care of all your needs that can help in improving the output of your start-up along with its efficiency.

The facilities can take some of the pressure off your shoulders and you can manage to work further by utilizing the optimum time for each activity. To help you in growing up, the services provided by us include technology, marketing, business services, legal services, mentorship, investment opportunities and more.

What is Equity % WEXT.in charge from Startups ?

We understands your struggles with the startups and would not charge anything on your equity. We would provide you with set of services that are essential or even the ones that you think you require. You will have to pay only after getting the results and the basic charges will be calculated on the final results only.

Is there any hidden charges or joining fees to join WEXT?

No, there are no hidden charges or joining fees when you join WEXT. The team would be open with you and the final decision is taken after a proper discussion.

The charges are only related to the services you avail and that too will depend on the final results that you achieve.

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