Neo Mega Steel is a Pune based renowned super stockist of steel infrastructural products for many well-known brands, including but not limited to APL Apollo Pipes, SR, JSW, Jindal and many big brands. The organization was established to meet the various steel infrastructural needs of the nation with its superlative quality of products and services across the nation. At present, Neo Mega Steel is associated with around 20-25 renowned brands for steel product distributorship.

The main business model of company is catering a large clientele in the nation, from retailers, small and medium enterprises to large corporations. The company is already supplying huge and bulk orders at Pan India level, majorly operating in Pune, Mumbai and other regions of Maharashtra. The organization is successfully operating on a customer-centric business model.

Scope of Neo Mega Steel

The major suppliers of company are the component manufacturer, which caters to many industries such as automobile, construction, power, and many more. Steel products are widely used in these industries as steel is the backbone of these industries. Without steel, no infrastructure in any industry can be manufactured completely. Therefore, steel is a type of commodity which has a wide application in day to day routines. Hence, there is a huge scope for the supply business of Neo Mega steel, which is already working at Pan India level on a large scale.

USPs – Neo Mega Steel

One of the main USPs is that it is the largest steel suppliers of the nation having 13 to 14 depositories in India. These are spread in Pune, Nashik, Solhapur, Kolhapur, Sangli, Mumbai, Jaipur, and Bangalore. Apart from this, Neo Mega Steel is having 850+ SQs available, which is the largest number when compared to other competitors in the same segment. Not limited to it, They are also having the largest stock of variety of steel infrastructure products.

Another attracting USP of the company is that Neo Mega Steel can deliver any specific requirement to any place in India within a short turnaround time as the company directly deals with the owners of steel manufacturers such as JSW or APL Apollo Pipes.

Mission & Vision:

The mission of Neo Mega Steel is to supply steel products to retailers and consumers with 100% product accuracy and maintaining high quality with a short delivery time as per the needs, proceeding towards an extra-ordinary customer experience. The vision is to make Neo Mega steel India’s biggest and largest trading firm of steel infrastructural products.

Reach, Revenue Model & Expansion Plans

The company has planned to expand its business model and reach directly to the consumers for small orders. The initiation of these plans will make Neo Mega Steel a one stop solution for those customers who want steel infrastructural products on retail basis. Apart from it, at the present time, the government of India is pushing the country’s infrastructure a lot. In all those cities, where metro projects are being introduced, Neo Mega Steel is already supplying steel infrastructure products as per required specifications in contract with these projects. Other major existing customers include Indian Railways, Thermax, Symbiosis College (Pune), Nyati Group (one of the largest government contractors in India), ThyssenKrupp, Praj Industries, L&T, etc.

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Future Projections

They are also planning to open up a CTL (Cut-to-Length) unit as well as customer care unit for steel product requirements in India. With the help of this, the company can directly cater to more and more customers having the requirement of steel infrastructural product in their domains. In this segment, the company is all set to provide its products and solutions to the consumers catering to the higher needs and requirements of steel infrastructural products.

This is true that no industry can survive without steel raw materials. Be it the construction industry or the mechanical industry, steel is a major basic material needed for the production of work. To cater the needs to higher demand and meet the future scope of steel infrastructural needs, Neo Mega Steel is ready to serve!

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