AyuDevices has Raised INR 1 Crore from Shark Tank India season 2. Namita agrees, and the agreement for Rs. 50 lakhs at 3.5% equity and debt of Rs. 50 lakhs at 10% interest are finalised. They ask for Rs. 1 crore for 1.5% equity to grow their firm. Due to her lack of expertise, Vineeta cancels the transaction. While Anupam is unable to predict the market size and thinks that doctors are averse to change and won’t necessarily welcome this unique design with open eyes, Aman contends that the pricing is too expensive and that they should reduce these numbers.

Peyush is prepared to offer Rs. 50 lakhs for 5% equity and Rs. 50 lakhs in debt with 12% interest. Namita offers Rs. 50 lakhs for 4% equity and Rs. 50 lakhs in debt at 10% interest, acknowledging that the market is large enough for them to succeed.

The sale is finalised at Rs. 50 lakhs for 3.5% stock and Rs. 50 lakhs in debt at 10% interest when the team makes a counteroffer for 3.5% equity, and Namita accepts it.

About AyuDevices

Adarsh Kachapppilly, Tapas Pandey and Varad Patil are the founders of the startup AyuDevices.

The first indigenous digital stethoscope produced in India by AyuDevice can detect heart murmurs and pulmonary problems thanks to its 16-fold amplification of heart and lung sounds. The Digital Stethoscope’s name is AyuSynk.

Through medical innovation, they have tried to reduce the incidence of heart and lung issues being misdiagnosed, particularly in rural areas. The stethoscope can both capture and distribute heart sounds via WhatsApp. It is instrumental in the medical area, where many instances of misdiagnosis and congenital heart diseases result in early diagnosis and the death of many children.

Their Digital Stethoscope AyuSynk can be used in primary healthcare facilities to record abnormal auscultation sounds that can be sent to specialist doctors for further diagnosis, resolving the issue of India’s low doctor-to-population ratio (1:1800), which is noticeably quiet when compared to the minimum recommended doctor to population ratio of 1:1000 set by the WHO.

They charge Rs. 12,000 for the B2C business, with a gross margin of 55%. Sales for the previous month totalled Rs. 32 lakhs, while projections for the entire year call for Rs. 7 crores with an EBITDA of 18%.

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Problem Solved By AyuDevices

The ability to record and playback sounds will make it easier to include auscultated sounds in patient medical records and build a database of recorded abnormal noises, which will help doctors. The device converts a conventional stethoscope to a smart one by adding an attachment. This makes the device a cheap option for diagnosing heart and lung conditions early. It is possible to stop the progression of heart and lung problems by identifying them early. This lessens the financial strain on the patients, their families, and tertiary care facilities. Lowering the nation’s financial load in the process.

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