HaqDarshak has raised INR 1 crore for the equity of 2% from Shark Tank India season 2. The pitcher requested 1 crore rupees against a 0.5% equity. Peyush accepts his offer of Rs. 1 crore for 2% stock, but Anupam insists that margin will always be one of their business model’s main obstacles.

Additionally, Namita and Aman present a competing offer, but they add debt to it. They want to invest Rs. 50 lakhs in loan at 10% equity and Rs. 50 lakhs in 1% equity. To unite them all under one roof, Aniket makes a counteroffer for Rs. 1 crore and 1.5% equity. Peyush increases his stake, and the agreement for Rs. 1 crore (2% ownership) is confirmed.

About HaqDarshak

Aniket Doega is the founder of tgis startup. HaqDarshak endeavours to empower Business Government Welfare with the help of digital and technology platforms. Using the Tech Assistance Model, data on welfare schemes in the interest of the vulnerable community is collected and shared on the HaqDarshak Platform to be shared with the people.

To make all these missing services available from first to last, they create benefits and plans through the digital medium on their behalf. He is collaborating to make public interest work a business, using technology to bridge this vast knowledge gap, developing agents and discovery engines. They do their work and plan towards the benefit of all by creating a network of MSMEs and other organisations along with the citizens.

Their current income model uses a B2B strategy, whereby they go out to corporations and sign contracts with them. The sum raised during the initial round of funding was Rs. 1.23 crores. Anupam further notes that their endeavour is a “high volume, poor margin business” to Aniket’s agreement and that sales for the 2021–2022 cycle were recorded at Rs. 15.5 crores. Anupam also highlights the EBITDA, which was recorded at 7%.

Business Statistics of HaqDarshak:

HaqDarshak has improved the lives of more than 25 lakh citizens. The benefit of the value of ₹ 4000 has been extended to the people so far. More than 26 thousand HaqDarshak training have been done. HaqDarshak Operation is working in more than 24 states. With the help of Haq Darshak, thousands of businesses have been presented with a positive change by forming a network and building a digital platform of information.

Big investors like Acumen, Upaya Social Ventures, Beyond Capital Fund, and Deepak Nitrite are associated with this business.

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Problems Solved by HaqDarshak

HaqDarshak wants to improve the user experience for consumers in rural areas while simultaneously building the best social security organisation in India. HaqDarshak founder alone has now assisted 1 lakh people thanks to the digitalisation of various government programmes. The company has 200 employees, 3000 agents in the field, and an all-women CXO team. The rural people can get immense benefits and all government schemes from HaqDarshak.

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