WhatsApp, a well-known messaging app has all you would require on a social informing administration incorporating the new in-application installments highlight. Gathering visits work with up to 256 individuals. You can communicate messages to various contacts, uphold voice and video calls, both for people and gatherings.

Telegram offers to back to bunches with up to 200,000 individuals. Known for its enormous and monstrous gatherings, Telegram offers various gathering explicit highlights, for example, bots, surveys, tests, and hashtags, best for huge gathering encounters.

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Signal is the newest and fastest-growing messaging app that offers secure informing, voice, and video calls with start to finish encryption. You can make gatherings, yet can’t communicate messages to different contacts without a moment’s delay. Signal additionally has added uphold for bunch calling.

Features of  WhatsApp / Telegram / Signal:

Which is the most secure application among Whatsapp, Telegram, and Signal?

Taking about Whatsapp, it does not allow encryption of backups whereas signal provides this feature. Telegram also does not provide encryption unless a Secret message is used.  Thereby in terms of signal and privacy Signal is one of the best applications on the internet.

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