Vecros Athera

Vecros Athera has raised ₹20 Lakh from Shark Tank India Season 3. Shark 

Aman Gupta invested in this startup. Pitchers made an ask of ₹1 crore for 2.5% equity. And the deal was done with ₹20 Lakh for 1% Equity +₹80 Lakh Debt at 10% Interest for 3 Years.

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About the Vecros Athera:


Vecros AIDrone Founder Besta Prem Sai started working on Drone Technology in 2016. Together with friends, he initiated an aeromodelling club to foster understanding in this field. His objective was to integrate drones with GPS technology. In 2018, Vecros Special AIDrone business was founded by co-founder Rajeshree to pursue this innovation.


The business concept of Athera, aiming to automate inspections at scale through Vecros AIDrone, was introduced as a drone product. Vecros AIDrone was included in the Mobility Startup Incubation program by NSRCEL and Maruti Suzuki India Limited. Furthermore, Besta Prem Sai took his AI-driven drone product to companies like Nokia and Microsoft. His efforts in promoting understanding of drone technology and its market applications have earned him numerous awards.


The pitchers highlighted that the special AI drone was developed for applications in construction, railway bridge inspection, infrastructure monitoring, and disaster relief, where timely data is crucial. The AI-driven features include tracking, smart flight modes, and automatic return to home. Additionally, the drone’s capabilities allow for simultaneous object sensing in four directions, enhancing its effectiveness.


About the Founders:


The founders of the business are Besta Prem Sai and Rajeshree Deotalu. Besta Prem Sai holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics from IIT Delhi. Since 2015, he has been involved in various technical projects and media endeavours. With expertise in aerial robotic inspection and experience as a media and photography coordinator, he has honed his business skills to establish Vecros Business.


Rajeshree holds a BTech in Electronic Engineering from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology and has been involved with IIT Delhi Incubation. In addition to this, she has 2 years of engineering experience at Ivlabs, VNIT, before joining Vecros Special AIDrone. She now leads the business in multiple capacities, overseeing algorithm control and fault-tolerant robotic systems for Athera AI Drones.


Vecros Athera Business Statistics:


Vecros AIDrone is equipped with 8 cameras and boasts the capability to process 21 trillion operations per second. In the drone market, its applications are diverse: Defense accounts for 48%, surveillance and inspection for 37%, and consumer and other applications for 15%. 


Vecros reported sales of ₹9 lakh in September 2023. The price of Vecros without payload is ₹15 lakh, generating a gross profit of ₹9 lakh. Currently, Vecros AIDrone is undergoing an ongoing fundraising round with a post-money valuation of ₹22 crore, aiming to raise ₹2 crore.


The Business Vision of Vecros Athera:


Vecros Athera Special AIDrone Vision is to create diverse business solutions by incorporating Artificial intelligence capabilities with Drone Technology, providing a secure business Processing System with Fast Data Collection.


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