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Get Wyld Card has raised ₹75 lakh for 1.5% equity from Shark Tank India Season 3. Anupam Mittal invested in this startup. Pitchers made an ask for ₹50 lakh for 0.5% equity. And the deal was done with Shark Anupam for ₹75 lakh for 1.5% equity in the company.

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About the Get Wyld Card:

Get Wyld Visa Powered Payments Card has created its own business model. It is a Digital Card, it is a Brand Marketing Platform, and it is a User Backed Marketing Cycle that provides discount offers to social media users also.

Get Wyld Card is a Visa Powered Payments Card. This is The World’s First Social Currency Card, in which your users become your marketers. Business Pitcher said, “We have brought a Wild Card Entry to live the Influencer Life. Shop from our partner brands’ pages, and post a photo on Instagram. As soon as you do that, we will give you 30 to 100% cashback back on your card.” In this way, they run the business of brands by creating small user loops on social media.

About the founders:

The founders of the company are Dishant Sanghvi, Yash Sakhlecha, and Rij Eappen. Dishant Sanghvi, a Mumbai University MCOM graduate, brings prior entrepreneurial experience from ventures like PlayOSport, Influnite, and The Socialgram. He joined Wyld in October 2021.

Yash Sakhlecha holds a B.Tech. in Civil Engineering from IIT Bombay and has collaborated with Dishant as co-founder at Influnite and The Socialgram. He joined Wyld in October 2021.

Rij Eappen, with prior experience as Chief Operating Officer from 2011 to 2017, founded Travels Bond Inc. thereafter, venturing into entrepreneurship with King Of Clubs. He joined Wyld in October 2021.

Get Wyld Card Business Statistics:

Wyld offers a Visa-powered payment card, allowing users with over 1000 Instagram followers to monetize their posts. Additionally, individuals with a WYLD Score exceeding 100 are eligible for the card. Applicants must be above 18 years old. To foster genuine connections, Wyld restricts meme accounts, fan pages, and blog pages from participating. To obtain the Wyld Social Currency Payment Card, creator or business accounts must be set to public. 

The company currently holds ₹2.5 crore in its bank account, with a monthly burn rate of ₹12 lakh. In January 2022, the company raised ₹2.75 crore, followed by another ₹2.5 crore raised in August 2022.

The Business Vision of Get Wyld Card:

Get Wyld’s Business Vision is to provide Brand Discounts and Marketing Backed Solutions to the common Social Media User with the help of its Fintech and Martech Mobile App and a new model of Social Currency Payment Card.

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Arata Has Raised ₹1 Crore From Shark Tank India S3

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[…] Also Read: Get Wyld Card Has Raised ₹75 Lakhs From Shark Tank India S3 […]

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