TeaFit has Raised INR 50 Lakhs for the equity of 8% from Shark Tank India season 2. The original ask from the pitcher was INR 50 lakhs for the equity of 3%. When Namita sees Vineeta, Peyush, and Aman’s ambitious response, she accepts the sharks’ offers and leaves the scene. For 20% equity, Peyush is prepared to pay over a check for Rs. 50 lakhs. Vineeta and Anupam team up to approach, offering Rs. 50 lakhs for a 25% stake. Aman, on the other hand, is of the opinion that the stakes have yet to be raised and makes a demand for Rs. 50 lakhs for 10% stock. The former sharks immediately make counteroffers and match the offer.

Jyoti tries her hand at more haggling to convince all four sharks to join her. Aman, Peyush, Vineeta, and Anupam join in for a new offer of Rs. 50 lakhs for 8% stock, which at first does not have Anupam’s approval, is ultimately sealed as the final agreement with all four of them joining in for Rs. 50 lakhs, 8% equity.

About TeaFit

Jyoti Bharadwaj is the founder of TeaFit. She has a Master of Business Administration (MBA, Indian School of Business – ISB) in Finance and Marketing from the Indian School of Business 2013. She lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Her business was included in the Top 100 D2C, Attaining the pinnacle in business; she named his business in the Top 30 Startups in July 2021. She believes in setting an example for Woman Founders of Indian consumer brands.

Inspired by Japan and Made in India, Tea Fit’s vision is to provide a reliable Ayurvedic Nutritional Beverage with utmost care without any modern sugar. Blended from 15 unique botanicals, this award-winning, unsweetened Natural Ice Tea can be consumed with confidence by the health-conscious individual. It does not contain any premix or concentrates, which are harmful to your health.

This product has been made available to all by giving a digital platform to TeaFit Business with Amazon launchpad and online e-commerce. Teafit Beauty Herbal Tea is available at Natures Basket, Flipkart, Spencers, Wellness Forever Stores, Natures Basket, Flipkart, and Wellness Forever Stores.

TeaFit Product is made available in packs of at least 3. Their product range comes in 300 Ml bottles. It can be ordered in packs of 6, packs of 12, packs of 18 and packs of 30. The price of the TeaFit Product Pack of 3 is ₹360. The pack costs ₹120 per bottle. Teafit comes in 4 types of products.

Some produts from TeaFit are

⦁ Tea Fit Glow – Tangy Toasty Barley Tea
⦁ Tea Fit Bounce – Lemon Black Assam Tea (TeaFit Bounce – Lemon Black Assam Tea)
⦁ Tea Fit Lean – Peach Ginger Green Tea
⦁ TeaFit Explore Pack All in one

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Problem Solved by TeaFit

The Tea Fit product contains 0 to 4 percent sugar and 0 to 17 calories. As it is sugar-free, it is good for health. Barley tea is a traditional drink in Japan. Used to improve skin and digestion. It is also a drink loved by children in Korea, Japan and China. TeaFit Glow is also safe for diabetics and people trying to avoid sugar. Tea Fit Glow has Ayurveda herbs like Moringa, Ashwagandha, Goksha and Tulsi, working with their anti-ageing properties to reduce stress. We know that ageing affects the skin.

Peach Ginger Green Tea helps in reducing weight by increasing metabolism. That’s why it is beneficial for people with diabetes and reduces obesity. This is Real Brewed, Munnar Green Tea. TeaFit Lean – Peach Ginger Green Tea is made with Nigella, Turmeric, Moringa, Licorice, Cinnamon, Amla and 9 other super herbs.

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