Winston India Has Raised INR 1 Crore for the equity of 10% from Shark Tank India season 2. Their products are created in China and imported here; they ask for Rs. 1 crore for a 4% stake. However, Namita is clear in her determination that she won’t be utilising these appliances because they were made in China, which brings up the issue of a “trust deficit”. Aman, who already has a competing firm in his line-up, withdraws owing to the conflict of interest and Vineeta and Anupam instead make an offer of Rs. 1 crore for 10% stock. The couple returns to approve Vineeta and Anupam’s proposal.

About Winston India

With their company Winston, Himanshu Adlakha and Nikita Adlakha make a strong entrance and kick off the new episode. Winston introduces a line of beauty gadgets that can be used at home, reducing the number of trips to the salon. Their brand sells 8 products on their website and other e-commerce platforms under the 3S tagline of “Smart, Sturdy, and Super Easy.” Winston India Startup Business was started in the year 2021. It sells technology products that can be used for personal care. Winston India Products are available on its website and marketplace.

Namita tries on their LED therapy mask, which may be used for skin detoxification, to soothe skin rashes, anti-ageing, and more. Their two face cleanser models, priced at Rs. 2090 and Rs. 2990, and the face brow trimmer, are all included in the lineup. Even though the trimmer’s cost disadvantage is brought up, it is specified that it is electric and comes with a one-year replacement warranty.

Given that sales for the previous year were Rs. 1.2 crores are expected to reach Rs. 6 crores this year; Winston’s complaint rate is claimed to be even lower than 0.5%. Monthly sales for July increased significantly, and the business made a profit of Rs. 3.44 lakhs.

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Problem Solved by Winston India

Winston India is creating a new lifestyle for personal care by coming up with a new idea to replace the expensive salons in the run-of-the-mill life with the experience of salon pampering at home. Winston India Business is a brand that strives to transform the beautiful journey with the help of technology by refining the salon-winning beauty journey with personal care and love.

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