Nestroots Has Raised INR 50 Lakhs for the equity of 2% from Shark Tank India season 2. Shark Namita invested in this interior designing startup. The original ask from the pitcher was INR 50 lakhs for the equity of 1%. 

Due to her investment in a similar brand, Vineeta must step out because of a conflict of interest. Namita offers Chhavi an offer for Rs. 50 lakhs, or 2% equity, after admiring her assurance and clarity of thought. Alongside her, Aman counsels the entrepreneur to step up marketing efforts, while Anupam highlights the impending competition and problems and also steps out. Finally, the pitchers agreed to the deal with Namita. 

About Company – Nestroots

Nestroot’s Home Decor Business makes all products using materials that can be recycled. Creating organic resources is their priority. By adopting a completely natural and sustainable approach, they want to create more and more Nestroots product designs.

Along with their website, their products are available on other online platforms like Amazon Store, Myntra Store, Pepperfry Store and Flipkart Store. Along with this, these products are also sold in the international market.

Chhavi Singh is the Founder of Nestroot’s. She has studied Bachelor of Arts, Retail & Merchandise [Bachelor of Arts(H), Retail & Merchandise Management] from Pearl Academy of Fashion. After that, she did post graduation from Symbiosis – Business Administration in Retail Operations.

Nestroots Home Decor Business Product Range offers all kinds of home decorating options;


Kitchen & Dining

Tabletop & Bar


Nestroot’s Gifting and Nestroot’s Styled for You unique options are also available to personalize Nestroots Furnishings. All these years, Nestroots Best Sellers has earned customers’ trust through reviews on every platform. Hand Picked Nestroots Product is presented as an exclusive range after examining the selective preferences of particular customers.

Nestroot’s Home Decor Business Statistics:

Nestroot’s Home Decor Business was established in 2016. Nestroots Founder Chhavi has an experience of more than 10 years in this field. There have been more than 55 thousand Nestroots customers.

Their gross margin is 70–75%, with 25% of their sales occurring online and 75% occurring offline, and their net margin is at 16–19%. Additionally, it is predicted that this year’s sales will total Rs. 16 crores. “Nestroots” manages the designs by the month’s sales while working with the inventory. They don’t release incredibly trendy or fad-based concepts in line with the newest fashions, preferring to maintain everything on the traditional, “evergreen” side.

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Problem Solved by Nestroots

Nestroots is a model of elegance, beauty, and design. Nestroots works with the conviction that the process should be just as fascinating as the outcome to produce honest work and captivating and gratifying solutions. We create 95% of our products, ensuring they are unique in style and quality. Nestroots places a high value on ethical sourcing. Less waste and increased recycling are the results. For you and your family, Nestroots makes it simple to establish a healthy home, from organic restaurants to all-natural, sustainable raw materials.

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