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We have our own style of celebrating and we like it as we celebrate the Christmas spirit that provides love, grace and the act of sharing. In many parts of the nation, Christmas is celebrated with great pomp and show and enthusiasm. There are nice customs and traditions which add a flavor to the celebrations of this festival in India. Here is a list of places that are famous for their Christmas celebrations in India:


Goa is the best place for celebration when it is about Christmas. It has a sizable Roman Catholic population. Goa has the impression of celebrating Christmas with great enthusiasm. The party capital of India becomes lively during the Christmas season and one can feel the warmth of Christmas.

The whole city is decorated with flowers, Christmas trees and lights. The masses sing Christmas songs, carols and greet Christmas wishes. This goes until the early hours in the morning. The beach shacks and the restaurants serve Christmas lunches and dinners and have live bands playing. There are parties which carry on along the whole night on amazing beaches like Mapusa, Anjuna and Candolim.

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In case you want a Christmas celebration that is very peaceful, then Puducherry is the best place for you. Puducherry has a nice population of Roman Catholic population. This Union Territory has its own way of celebrating this occasion. Puducherry becomes very bright and you can feel its beauty in the ambience. The church service on the Christmas day is in Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is the sight to witness.


Kerala is the home of many churches and it is the best place to celebrate Christmas. Every street is decorated and the churches open almost all night. The restaurants provide heavy discounts on food and drink. There is a local touch to this high spirit festival and it is something that you can witness.

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Mumbai is one another place in India and this is the place where the warmth of Christmas can be felt. The bakeries are full of best desserts of the season and the shopping malls are decorated in such a manner to provide a festive feel. The western suburb of Bandra is the area where the Christmas spirit can be felt. The area is inhabited by Catholics and one can see houses and streets decorated with light and Christmas trees. People exchange Christmas gifts with each other.

There are several churches in Mumbai like Holy Name Cathedral, Saint Thomas’s Cathedral, Gloria Church, Saint Michael’sChurch, and Mount Mary’s Basilica where you can attend the midnight mass. Mumbai is a nice place to party and there are many Christmas Eve parties there as well. The Christmas parties and events carry on all along the night.

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