Colosseum Italy is an semicircular amphitheatre standing straight at the centre of Rome city. Colosseum Italy is located at Regio III Isis et Serapis Rome, Italy. The monument is built of travertine ,limestones ,tuff and brick faced concrete. It can hold upto 80,000 spectators.

Planing a Visit to Colosseum Italy? Click here to know more:Rome, Italy is home to the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine, two significant historical sites. 

Why Is The  Colosseum So Famous? 

 Colosseum Italy is  one of the world’s largest and ancient amphitheatres. It was used to spectate various activities such as drama based on Roman mythology, mock sea battles, battle of gladiator, animal hunting and many more. Even after fire broke out and an earthquake ,the monument is still the renowned symbol of imperial Rome and is listed as one of the seven wonders of the world.

Why Visit The Colosseum At Night?

Its beauty is undeniable at any hour of the day, but when the sunsets colosseum transform into a mesmerizing sight. The Colosseum evening tour will fill you with its authentic aura and beauty.


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Best Highlights Of The Colosseum

There is list of must to visit places in colosseum Italy  which you should not miss:

  • Colosseum outer wall
  • The Hypogeum
  • Arch of Constantine

Tickets and Timing

The Colosseum attracts nearly 6 million tourists every year. Colosseum tickets cost $19.18 per person which you can easily book online from their Colosseum tickets official website, if you missed booking online you easily access the tickets in person directly on the spot. The Colosseum opening hours are seven days a week at 8:30am till 7:15 pm.


Enjoy the magic of the Colosseum  Italy and its ethereal infrastructure with your mates. Hurry up and book your tickets and explore the aura of the world’s largest and ancient amphitheatre. Get to know more about this place and the places you desire to visit, refer to travelnags which will give perfect details of the place and will make your planning easier.


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