Central Park New York is the first landscaped park in the United States located between the upper west side and upper east side neighbourhoods of Manhattan in New York. It covers 778 acres. Central park welcomes nearly 42 million visitors every year.

Tickets and Timings

Central park offers beautiful views to your eyes and is one of the must visit places in New York city. It is free of cost and opens at 6:00 am to 1:00 am. You can easily access the park through subway , bus or any public transport.

Top Attractions Of Central Park

Central park of New York city will surely impress you with their breathtaking view. Some of the must to visit places in the park are:


  • The Ramble and lake:  are two geographic features of Central Park Manhattan New york. It is a forested area and a natural landscape. It is famous for birdwatching or cruising.
  • Hallett nature sanctuary: It is a woodland which will give you the experience of nature and also the view of a small pond which will provide you immense peace and happiness.
  • Central park zoo: central park is rich in biodiversity and has numerous flora and fauna. You can enjoy watching the wildlife.

You can enjoy various recreational activities with your loved ones like bicycling, bicycle tours, carriage horse. You can also enjoy the show in the “Shakespeare in the park”.

Best Hotels Close To Central Park New York 

Central park hotels New York are the best locations you can explore, here are a few of them.


  • The Wallace
  • Hotel Belleclaire
  • Hotel Beacon

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The serenity of the central park will fill your heart with peace. If you ever visit New York City, do visit the central place with your loved ones. To know more about this place or any other place you are dreaming to visit check out travelnags for more information which will make your planning more easier.


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