Retrieve Deleted Messages On Telegram iPhone

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  1. Introduction (How To Retrieve Deleted Messages On Telegram iPhone)
  2. What is the reason behind the disappearance of telegram messages?
  3. How To Retrieve deleted Telegram messages without backup?
  4. How to Use a Backup to Retrieve Deleted Telegram Messages?
    • The Process of Recovering Deleted Telegram Messages from iTunes
    • The Process of Recovering Deleted Telegram Messages from iCloud
  5. iTunes and iCloud Backup’s Advantages and Disadvantages
  6. Conclusion


Deleted Telegram messages can happen for a variety of reasons. Your priceless app data might frequently be lost due to a misclick or technical failure. The majority of individuals don’t know how to retrieve Deleted telegram messages, which might occasionally include crucial work-related information or priceless memories, which is as frustrating as it gets. The ability to restore the deleted data is a more crucial question to ask. This article is for you if you’re having trouble regaining access to deleted Telegram messages on your iPhone. But let’s first address this essential issue you could be w ondering about.

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What is the reason behind the disappearance of telegram messages?

You may have lost your Telegram messages for a variety of reasons. Let’s quickly examine each:

Error or a bug

Your app data may occasionally be lost due to an error or malfunction. People have complained about vanishing from their chats, which is not an unusual issue among iPhone users of Telegram. The likelihood of experiencing this problem is higher for users of earlier software versions.

Someone else removed you

Telegram enables users to delete the chat, which removes you from the chat as well. So, if you were part of an important chat and find it lost, you should check if someone else removed you.

Telegram gives its users a feature to delete the chat, which also removes you from it. Therefore, if you were part of a crucial communication and discovered it was lost, you should see whether someone else accidentally deleted you.

It was Telegram

The possibility exists that Telegram removed your communications. Your conversations are completely erased via Telegram’s auto-delete message function. So, if you see that your Telegram messages have been erased, double-check to see if you left this option on.

Look through your chat archives

You may conceal particular chats on Telegram without completely erasing them thanks to a function called “Archive Chats.” The procedures below can be used to determine whether your deleted messages can be found in the archive chats.

  • Open Telegram on your iPhone.
  • To access the search bar from the chat list, slide down.
  • Enter the contact or group name from which you believe the deleted communication originated.
  • To bring back a chat that has appeared, swipe left on it and choose “Unarchive” to do so.

How To Retrieve deleted Telegram messages without backup?

Because of how the software manages and encrypts data, recovering deleted Telegram messages on an iPhone without a backup is a challenging operation. Contrary to several other messaging apps, Telegram does not officially offer a way to retrieve deleted messages from the server without using a backup. On your iPhone, there is a possible workaround that can enable you to recover lost texts.

Please keep in mind that this strategy could only work for recently erased communications and that its effectiveness is not guaranteed.

Some potential strategies are as follows:

Search the “Recently Deleted” folder

As with the recycling bin in your computer’s file system, Telegram messages that you delete are placed in a “Recently Deleted” folder. Before they are completely erased, some communications are temporarily kept in this folder. Check the “Recently Deleted” folder using the following steps:

  • Open Telegram on your iPhone.
  • To access the menu in the conversation list, touch on the three-line icon in the upper left corner.
  • Tap “Settings” from the menu.
  • Then select “Privacy and Security.”
  • Locate and choose the “Recently Deleted” menu item.

Messages that were deleted during the retention period could be found in the “Recently Deleted” folder. Click the messages you wish to recover, then click “Restore” from the menu.

Reach out to the recipient

Try contacting the recipient(s) of the deleted messages and asking if they can provide you with the content of the deleted messages if they were part of a conversation with another person or a group. They may be able to assist you with information recovery if they haven’t already erased the communications.

Tools for Jailbreaking and Data Recovery (Not Recommended)

Although jailbreaking your iPhone could give you access to its file system, the operation is dangerous, might violate your warranty, and expose your device to security flaws. Additionally, it might be risky to use third-party data recovery programs on jailbroken iPhones because they may result in data loss or privacy violations. So it’s not suggested that you try this strategy.

Note: Any third-party applications or services that offer to restore deleted Telegram conversations without a backup should be used with caution since they might not be reliable and might potentially damage your device or endanger your data.

Prevention is better than cure

Regularly backing up your Telegram data is crucial to prevent potential data loss. The built-in feature of Telegram lets you back up your conversation history to iCloud, making sure that your communications are safe and recoverable. To activate this function:

  • Open Telegram on your iPhone.
  • Select “Settings” by tapping the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner.
  • Then select “Chat Settings.”
  • Choose “Chat Backup.”
  • Set “Auto-Nightly Backup” to “On” or manually back up your conversations.

How to Use a Backup to Retrieve Deleted Telegram Messages?

The Process of Recovering Deleted Telegram Messages from iTunes

On backups that have been kept on the cloud, recovering erased data is always simpler. Having a backup helps you tremendously. Your stored Telegram messages on iTunes may be retrieved using this approach, which is rather straightforward.

  • You must link your phone to your computer. The iTunes/Finder programme is necessary whether you’re using a PC or a Mac. The web app is simple to download. Your device name will display in the upper left corner after your phone is connected. On your gadget, click.
  • A menu will appear on your screen. The “Restore Backup” button on your screen’s bottom right is all that matters to you, though. As seen below, select this option.
  • You will be given alternatives between your various backups in the following box. Your deleted Telegram communications can still be preserved in a particular backup. Which backup you wish to restore is now your choice. Ensure that the chats you’re looking for are included in this backup.iTunes backup might take a few minutes to several hours. You will have access to your deleted Telegram messages after the chats have been saved.

The Process of Recovering Deleted Telegram Messages from iCloud

The following are some simple instructions for recovering deleted texts from iCloud:

  • To erase all content and settings from your smartphone, go to “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Erase All Content and Settings.”
  • After completing the smartphone setup, go to the “Apps & Data Screen” by following the on-screen instructions. Here, choose “Restore from iCloud backup”.

iTunes and iCloud Backup’s Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Deleted Telegram messages may be recovered, along with all other data on an iPhone.
  • Using an iPhone backup to restore lost Telegram messages is free of charge.


  • The backup files will replace the information currently on the devices.
  • It is not possible to preview the telegram messages that you wish to retrieve.
  • It will take some time, and the likelihood of a successful recovery is not particularly great.


It might be difficult to recover lost Telegram messages on an iPhone, especially without a backup. While there are several workarounds, such as looking in the “Recently Deleted” folder or contacting the recipients, using an iTunes or iCloud backup is the most dependable solution. It’s critical to regularly backup your Telegram data to guard against data loss and to guarantee that your chats are secure and retrievable. Always use third-party tools with caution and be aware of any possible dangers when jailbreaking your iPhone.

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