Our government is going digital and with many smartphone users in India increasing, it is getting simpler than ever to do aspects online or through our phones. Most of the people are not aware you can do this with utmost ease. We assist our readers to find about various government services that are now online and revealing to you how to utilize them.We look at how to book a train ticket from IRCTC through SMS. The IRCTC website which is an Indian Railway website is the source of frustration for several people when the website does not function in a proper manner. The latest updates have led to the improvement of things a little bit.

In case you are trying to book a ticket on the site, you may book tickets offline. We do not mean that you need to move to the nearby railway’s station to book a ticket. Booking through a text message is free from any problems. Your carrier will charge you for every SMS you send. We were charged Rs. 3 per SMS when we tried booking tickets through SMS. That is a small price to pay for the convenience.

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The first aspect you require is an IRCTC account. You may make it here. You need to ensure that the phone number you register with IRCTC suits your phone number that your bank has otherwise this will not function.

You have to check if your bank supports IMPS or the Immediate Payment service. In case you have an ICICI bank account then you do not require IMPS. You may check in case your bank supports IMPS. You require IMPS to authorize payments through SMS.

In case your bank supports IMPS, then you have to call them to make an MMID or do it on the website of the bank. This process differs from the bank so we recommend you check it with your bank.

You need to jot down the MMID and the one time password sent by the bank.

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Now you are ready to book your ticket. You have to send a text message to 139. The format of the message has to be BOOK.

You may book tickets for up to 6 passengers per ticket.

You will receive an SMS from IRCTC with the transaction ID, fare, and accessibility.

ICICI bank customers can book tickets without IMPS. They can send an SMS to 139 by making use of the format BOOK ICICI

You will get a confirmation message from IRCTC in case your ticket is booked. You have to ensure that the SMS is on your phone when you board the train. You do not have to print an e-ticket anymore and you have to show this SMS and a photo ID to the TTE to take on the journey.

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