Situated in the Aegean Sea, here you will come across amazing architecture and some of the most exotic beaches. Santorini Island Greece is the perfect place for people who want to enjoy beaches, and sightseeing, love to see great architecture, and witness the beauty of Greece.


Santorini Greece Oia, which is one of the best beaches in the world, has an awesome history too. Often it is said that the history of this place is as old as the time of Thira (the ancient name of Santorini). Santorini island greece also holds a name as one of the largest as far as volcanic eruptions in history are concerned. In ancient times this place was also known as “Strongili”, which means Volcanic eruption.

Fooding and Lodging

Now, if this place is so interesting, it is obvious that the tourists come here very often. Let us check some of Santorini best hotels.


  • Santorini Kastelli Resort
  • Elessa Hotel
  • Lavadoze Luxury Suites etc, are some of the most recommended hotels in Santorini for food and lodging.

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So, if you ever dreamed of beholding one of the top Greek islands, Santorini is the place to visit. Explore more such exotic sites with TravelNags and delve into beautiful experiences.


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[…] Click here for next:Santorini Island Greece is the perfect place for people who want to enjoy beaches, and sightseeing, … […]

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