Small group, individual, school, college or large group may book a tour for a visit to garden and museum of Rastrapati Bhavan by filling an online form. Users may check or cancel their bookings also. Information regarding visiting places, instructions to visit Rastrapati Bhavan and the route map is provided. Online booking is subject to confirmation from the President’s secretariat.
There are several web users in India existing. It was obvious for the government to follow and bring forms and applications online. To make sure that our readers are up to date on the various government functions that you may use online, we are testing out the various sites to give a complete guide for you.
There is a lot you can do online like booking a visit to Rashtrapati Bhawan which is the official residence of the Indian President.

Rashtrapati Bhawan is the most popular heritage building in the nation. The awesome Mughlai Gardens is a part of the huge Rashtrapati Bhawan area. It is a famous tourist spot in New Delhi which is open to the visitors from Friday to Sunday. It is a VIP area and to enter is not easy as visiting most other heritage structures in the nation. You have to book a visit to the Rashtrapati Bhawan in advance. You need to carry a valid photo identity card when you visit there.
The procedure is very easy and you need to follow some steps

You have to visit the website of the President

You have to click on online booking

You need to opt if you are going to a group of ten people or more than 10. The fee is Rs. 25 for each person for up to 10 people or a fixed fee of Rs. 600 for a group of over 10 people.

You need to fill the date and time of your visit and the number of adults and children accompanying you. You have to observe that you are required to exclude yourself when filling in the number of people accompanying you.

Click Next.

Here you will find a form where you need to fill your individual information and the names of the people who accompany you. You may opt for any valid photo identity card for the trip.

You have to make sure that you fill all the details as they are in your identity documents so as to make sure there is a smooth passage. When you have filled the form, you may click submit.

The next page will tell the date and time of your visit with the total amount charged.
You need to click Pay in order to complete the payment.

After you have paid the amount, you will get a registration number through SMS or email. The office of the President will process your application and if it is approved, you will get a confirmation message.
You may visit the Rashtrapati Bhawan when you get a confirmation message.

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Divya Narendra – Real Founder of Facebook

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