ABC Sports & Fitness Academy Has Raised INR 40 lakhs for the equity of 10% at a valuation of 4 crores from Shark Tank India season 2. Shark Peyush invested in this sports and fitness startup. The original ask by the pitcher was INR 40 lakhs for the equity of 2%. 

Peyush Offer

₹40 lahks for 10% equity

Business Pitcher Counter Offer

₹40 lahks for 6% equity

Shark Piyush does not accept the counteroffer, and the business pitcher finalizes the deal at ₹40 lakh for 10% equity.

About ABC Sports & Fitness Academy 

 Academy was started in Amanora Park Town, Pune. By staying in the comfort of the people, ABC Fitness Firm wants to prepare every household as a professional sports player and provide accurate and correct sports coaching to every motivated player.

Anirudh Pol and Roshan Pol are the founders of this startup.

Fitness Academy is the first Children’s First Academy for Professional Sports Tournament to organize a professional sports tournament. By making sports a child’s lifestyle, they want to convert children’s play time into organized sports. ABC Sports & Fitness Academy wants to involve everyone in professional sports by teaching children the values of life through sports.

ABC Sports Academy Vision is to provide transparent and national-level opportunities to sportspersons from a young age through experienced Sports Training and Coaching.

 Fitness Academy provides professional training for almost all major sports. Affiliated with Thane District Basketball Association, ABC Fitness Firm is working to provide maximum opportunities to the kids. By being united about the awards received by these children, an environment has been created to motivate the children to keep moving forward in sports.

By ABC Sports Academy, you can add children for the below-mentioned sports coaching;






Table Tennis



ABC Sports & Fitness Academy Business Statistics:

Academy was started on September 8, 2016. ABC Fitness Firm has an experience of 6 years and has 207 ABC Sports & Fitness Academy Centers all over Pune. ABC Fitness Firm Passes are easy to learn for children over the age of 3.  Academy has groomed over 3000 sports-motivated kids by over 85 Sports Coaches.

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Problem Solved by ABC Sports & Fitness Academy 

ABC Sports & Fitness Academy has built a business out of its way to get kids moving forward. In the limited time available in the school, limited coaching is also available for sports. ABC Fitness Firm provides opportunities for children to gain a name and interest in sports through sports by coaching them outside of the educational program. By adding equipment and coaches to the sports space available in society, ABC Sports Academy gives it a new option for sports for children from a professional perspective.

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