Freebowler Has Raised INR 50 lakhs for the equity of 7.5% and 25 lakhs at a 10% interest rate with a valuation of 3.3 crores from Shark Tank India season 2. With a valuation of 10 crores, Freebowler requests 75 lakhs at 7.5% ownership. When Peyush inquires about their previous month’s sales, it only adds up to 1 lakh.

The Sharks get perplexed, as a result, believing their technology is still in the infantile stage and that their business sense needs to be improved.

On the other hand, Namita Thapar makes them an offer of a deal for 50 lakhs at 15% equity and 25 lakhs at 10% interest with a valuation of 3.3 crores.

Freebowler counters with a bid of 25 lakhs at 7.5% equity and 50 lakhs at 10% interest, and Namita closes the deal.

About Freebowler

Shark Tank India Season 2 Free Bowler is a mechanical machine that runs on batteries and springs. Realizing the monetization of cricket and sports training in a small town and village in India, the founders thought of this business which could provide a solution for all. It is a sports innovation brand driven to create equipment for sport-driven individuals in every field.

It is a Bangalore-based business. Bringing Free Bowler Equipment to the masses, this business engages in player management with sports business by associating with sports-based ventures with training equipment. Taking social media management a step further, they continue to share this product’s benefits with all sports-motivated people.

Freebowler Product Feature:

This arm automatically drives balls thrown by hand with a simulated throw experience. It is very affordable.

It runs on batteries instead of electricity so it can be used anywhere.

Freebowler Business Statistics:

After 2 years of research, the founders created Free Bowler and were able to take it forward as a business. Free Bowler was incorporated in 2016 and has been in sales since 2018. The weight of the Freebowler Product is less than 20 kg, you can fold it and take it anywhere. They have sold around 1000 machines in 15 countries.

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Problem Solved by Freebowler

One-of-a-kind “non-electric and portable” cricket bowling machine, the Freebowler “Superthrower”, addresses some of the drawbacks of the current ball throwing aids in terms of cost, portability, the usage of machine balls, and power. It is a readily available, reasonably priced, and practical training tool that can produce variations in line, length, pace, and swing with “actual cricket balls.” The technological advancement of the bowling machine is specifically geared toward the expansion and grassroots development of sports in inner cities, rural areas, and emerging cricket-playing nations to be used as an eco-friendly and affordable alternative training aid, particularly promising to women and youth.

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