Daily Dump Compost Has Raised INR ₹30 lahks for 4% equity, ₹50 lakh debt at 10% interest from Shark Tank India season 2. Daily Dump Compost Company Valuation is ₹7.5 Crore. Shark Namita Thapar invested in this startup. Daily Dump Compost’s founder asked for 80 Lakh For 4% Equity. 

Namita’’s Offer

₹30 lakh for 5% equity, ₹6 crore for ₹50 lakh debt @ 10% interest

Business Pitcher Counter

₹30 lakh for 3% equity, ₹10 crore ₹50 lakh debt @ 10% interest

Namita’s Revised Offer

₹30 lakh for 4% equity, ₹7.5 crore ₹50 lakh debt @ 10% interest

3 years ago, Shark Namita met Business Pitcher at the Nieto Commission Award. Shark was very impressed by her spirit on stage as well. His mother and he like farming very much. She wanted to work for a business pitcher by adding money. After the saree offer and counteroffer, the sharks and the business pitchers finalize the deal on Namita’s revised offer.

About Daily Dump Compost

Daily Dump communicates its idea and product to treat human’s useless resources and waste in the modern urban space with conscious and responsible behaviour for the relationship with earth and nature.

Poonam Bir Kasturi is the founder of the startup.

Dump Compost is a brand of services and products that create all products in support of a way of life living closer to nature. The Daily Dump sells composting products such as microbes, kits, and new organic products.

Joining the cause of “Swacch Bharat, a clean India”, they are also educating on using the products to adopt this lifestyle on their website. Daily Dump’s products are also available on online platforms like Amazon. While working on these products, they have channelled the utility of terracotta from its natural feel and other social practices into economic and lifestyle to sell the resource with thought and education.

They sell primary composting products and products promoting organic living, such as;

Daily Dump Compost microbes

Daily Dump Panchagavya

Daily Dump Bamboo sieve top

Coco Brick

Green grow bags for plants

Terracotta lids etc.

Daily Dump Compost Business Statistics:

Business  was started in 2006. Daily Dump Compost sells over 100 products. The Dump Compost Khamba sells for ₹3500, and the Terrabite comes up to ₹20,000. Till now, more than 80 thousand families have used Daily Dump Composter.

They had ₹ 26 lahks in sales last month. Their Sales in FY 2019 – 20 were ₹4.3 Crore. FY 2021 – 22 had ₹ 3.75 crores in sales.

Looking at the sales split:

50% of the income comes from the Daily Dump Compost Terrabite. It’s Compost Remix Powder – 15% income comes.

Daily Dump Compost Community & Home Composter – 30% of the revenue comes from, and 15% comes from, others.

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Problem solved by Daily Dump Compost.

Daily Dump India’s First Compost Business has received many awards. Shark Namita met him at an award function. Many businesses work on becoming friendlier, which becomes a possible product design thrust, but it only scales once it becomes a habit by changing lifestyles for a large population.

Government and many new organizations encourage Daily Dump India’s First Compost Business Purpose Driven Business has presented the business pitch on the platform with the target at the societal level. Too many founders get sidetracked by the profits of a well-intentioned business.

To incorporate these products into personal life, this business has also expanded the business with corporates on the campaign in association with organized social places like Apartments, Schools, Resorts, Industries, Place of Worship.

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