PrimeBook Laptops Has Raised INR 75 Lakhs for the equity of 3%from Shark Tank India season 2. Peyush Bansal & Aman Gupta invested in this startup. 

Prime Book Business Deal: 

Aman Offer

₹75 lahks for 4% equity,

Vineeta Offer

₹75 lahks for 3% equity,

Peyush Offer

₹75 lahks for 4% equity,

Anupam Offer

₹75 lahks for 3% equity,

Business Pitcher Counter Offer

₹75 lahks for 2.5% equity

Peyush Revised Offer

₹75 lahks for 2.5% equity,

Aman Revised Offer

₹75 lahks for 2.5% equity,

Peyush & Aman Joint Revised Offer

₹75 lahks for 3% equity,

The business pitcher was pitching at 2.5% equity and was talking about the value that Sharks Aman and Sharks finalized the deal with Piyush for ₹75 lakh for 3% equity, Company Valuation – ₹25 Crore.

About PrimeBook Laptops

Prime Book India’s Most Affordable Laptop sports an Android-based operating system. It is specially designed for K12 students. Prime OS is its operating system. With this help, children get the utility of Millions of Android Apps.

Aman Verma, Pankaj Rawat, Umang Lekha and Chitranshu Mahant are founders of PrimeBook Laptops startup.

This quick and economical alternative is designed to enhance the kids’ performance. It innovatively introduces secure device management at an intelligent phone price with its new operating system. Using it is very user-friendly.

PrimeBook Product Features:

Cloud Device Management helps teachers set up digital ground rules for students. This helps ensure that PrimeBooks is correctly used.

Big Screen

Dedicated keyboard shortcuts


Manage Apps & Websites

Grouping & Cloud File Sharing

Usage Reports & Analytics

PrimeBook Business Statistics:

23 crore children do not have access to laptops, and through technology, the cost of education can be reduced by 85%.

35% is the gross margin. The price of PrimeBook is ₹ 15 thousand. The PrimeBook team consists of 14 people.

Prime Book Business Equity Distribution:

Aman Verma – 20%

Pankaj Rawat – 5%

Umang Leekha – 15%

Chitranshu Mahant – 20%

Investors – 30%

Esop (ESOP) – 10%

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Problem Solved by PrimeBook Laptops

Prime Book has better ergonomics for students. It has laptop productivity, bigger screen size and more. PrimeBooks have multitasking capabilities, meaning a student can simultaneously do a Google search and make notes while watching a video. This is not possible on tablets. PrimeBook gives more productivity than a tablet as it has total laptop productivity with the Android app ecosystem. While 85% of the cost of schooling can be cut with technology, 23 crore youngsters do not have access to laptops. The gross margin is 35%. The cost of the PrimeBook laptop is 15,000 rupees which are affordable to all class of Indian society. 

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