Ghar Soap Has Raised INR 60 Lakhs for the equity of 2% From Shark Tank India Season 2. Company Valuation is 20 Crores. Boat owner Aman Gupta invested in this Shark Tank India startup. Ghar Soaps owner Asked for ₹60 Lakhs for 2% Equity. 

Then Peyush Offer

₹60 Lakh for 10% Equity, Ghar Soap Company Valuation – ₹6 Crore

Anupam & Peyush

₹60 Lakh for 10% Equity, Ghar Soap Company Valuation – ₹6 Crore

Aman Offer

₹60 Lakh for 10% Equity, Ghar Soap Company Valuation – ₹6 Crore

Business Pitcher Counter Offer

₹1 Crore for 5% Equity, Ghar Soap Company Valuation – ₹20 Crore

Aman Revised Offer

₹60 Lakh for 4% Equity, Company Valuation – ₹20 Crore

Anupam & Peyush Revised Offer

₹60 Lakh for 4% Equity, Company Valuation – ₹20 Crore

Business pitcher Sharq finalizes a deal with Aman.

About Ghar Soaps 

Ghar Soap Business Brand aims at keeping things simple. Ghar Soaps offers every skincare essential to make skincare simple and effective. Ghar Soap doesn’t just sell soaps. Instead, the true meaning of soap is cleanliness and lather. Ghar Soap aims to continue to offer effective products to solve and protect skin problems. sells soaps and skin-focused products by selling Facewash, Ubtan, Bath Salts, Body Massage Oil, etc.

Sayyam Jain and Sunny Jain are half-brothers. Sayyam’s mother married Sunny’s father after Sunny’s mother died. After that, Sunny and Sayyam’s father also died. Now Sayyam’s mother married for the second time, where he grew up. Sayyam completes the planning of the new venture, but Sunny helps with operating, accounting and other tasks. There is no quarrel between these two; both have a half share in the business.

They both met 10 to 12 years ago. Sayyam was a school topper, but after scoring 98% in 11th, he deliberately failed and went to Pune to learn digital marketing. While doing e-commerce business, he built a billion-dollar company. But his partner had betrayed him. In his next business, he used to do service work. There too, he was cheated. With this experience and contacts, he has done an excellent company in drop shipping for two years. After the competition, it is now running just like a service.

Business means soap does not just sell soap. They work the true meaning of soap to lather up to clean and care for all outdoor products. They work by dividing these products into 3 types Face, Body and Hair;

Face Products:

Face Wash

Face Mask

Face Packs

Under Eye Cream

Forever Eye Mask

Herbal Kajal

Lip Balm


Ghar Soap Face Kits

Bye Bye Acne Kit

Ice Roller Kit

Kansa Kit

Body Products:

Wax Powder

Exfoliating Body Glove

Underarm Whitening Cream

Bath Salts

Body Lotion


Body Massage Oil

Organic Deodrant

 Body Care Kits

Ubtan Kit

Foot Care Kit

Detan Kit

Underarm Nourishment Kit

Detan Body Exfoliation Kit

Ghar Soap Hair Products

Organic Hair Color



Wanted to see, a list of startups who pitched in Shark Tank Season 2, Know more at https://wext.in/c/shark-tank/

Problem Solved by Ghar Soap

The soap and skincare company Ghar Soaps. It primarily focuses on the synthesis of Ayurveda and modern science. It produces soaps, but the founders disclosed that they would also make other skin care products currently unavailable in the Indian market. Its product is non-toxic and does not harm the skin. 

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