Janitri Has Raised INR 1 crore for the equity of 2.5% from Shark Tank India season 2. Namita Thapar invested in this healthcare startup. Janitri owner asked for ₹1.5 crores for 1% Equity. 

Then Namita Offer

₹75 Lakh for 5% Equity, 25 Lakh Debt (Last Round Valuation, i.e. 2.5 years old)

Namita Revised Offer

₹60 lakhs for 2% equity, valuation ₹30 crore

Peyush Offer

₹1 crore for 5% equity

Peyush & Amit Revised Offer

₹1 crore for 5% equity


Next year if ₹20cr sales, ₹1cr for 2.5% equity, ₹40cr valuation.

If ₹20 cr doesn’t make sales, ₹1 cr for 5% equity, ₹20 cr valuation.

Namita Revised 2nd Offer

Along with the old offer, Shark Namita presents new conditional offers from Shark Piyush and Shark Amit.

Business Pitcher Namita Finalizes Deal With Revised 2nd Offer.

About Janitri

Business Tagline, Innovating for saving lives at birth, best describes their mission and work. They make wearable and AI-enabled equipment. This business has received many awards and has worked closely with several medical organizations.  Business Vision

To see a world where no mother or child dies during pregnancy, labour and after delivery.

Janitir Fetal-Maternal Remote Monitoring System patented technology helps hospitals and clinics provide better care for expectant mothers and their babies. By closely monitoring vital signs and other data statistics, Janitri can help identify potential problems. Janitri can assist you with the necessary tests to ensure a healthy pregnancy and its processes.

Janitri Business Statistics:

Business was dissolved in 2016. For the past four years, Janitri has developed maternal monitoring devices and software with the help of research and development with a focus on an in-depth study of mother and child health. 30 out of 1000 newborns die during delivery or after delivery. Even today, 113 mothers die after pregnancy, delivery or post-delivery per ₹ 1 lakh live births in India. Out of this, there are possibilities of saving 80% of deaths by checking them.

Sanitary products are used in more than 200 hospitals.

So far, more than 50 thousand mothers have used this product, saving more than 2 thousand lives.

Janitri has filed 12 patents, out of which 4 are Patent Granted.

Janitri had ₹ 1.03 crore in sales in FY 2021 – 22. Last month sales of ₹ 15 lahks were made. 

Their monthly sale is ₹ 15 lakh. Business Products Price – Keyar ₹ 29000, Daksh ₹ 10000 per year.

Janitri Business Products: 

Medical Equipment Manufacturing Company. He releases his business plans to develop sustainable technology to improve maternal and child health care. Janitri provides peace of mind to the family by removing worries and ailments from pregnancy. A comprehensive pregnancy tracking app and the Janitri Business Brand make tracking fetal movements easier and more accurate.

Business Products has classified the products into two series keeping in view the hospital and individual applications;

Janitri For Hospitals

Janitri For Mothers

Janitri For Hospitals

In-depth doctor-assisted care equipment is delivered to hospitals, clinics and other organizations in this range. Janitri Digital Labor Monitoring Tool, which is Portable & Precise, Remote Data Monitoring, Digital Case Sheet Generation, The Nurse’s Application let us briefly write about the primary products of Janitri for Hospitals Product Range with a utility like Remote Access to Patient Data;

Keyar CM Beltless Fetal Monitoring Patch

Keyar DT Wireless & Portable Fetal Monitor

Digital Pregnancy Monitoring Software

Janitri For Mothers:

Janitri provides clinical-quality products for home monitoring. This allows mothers to track their pregnancy and take away their worries. Janitri’s personal utility equipment is presented with reduced and limited features;

Keyar DT Lite – Remote Pregnancy Monitoring Solution

 Keyar Mini Pocket-Sized Fetal Doppler

Mother’s App- The ultimate pregnancy and baby kick-monitoring tool

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Problem Solved by Janitri

Medical-grade foetal and maternal monitoring products are available from Janitri for use in clinics or at home. They are backed by patented technology and clinical studies to guarantee accuracy and safety. By enabling doctors and staff to access all crucial patient health data and graphs remotely, Janitri’s Fetal-Maternal Remote Monitoring System, which has been expertly verified, helps hospitals and clinics better care for expectant mothers and their babies, helping them avoid complications and have stress-free pregnancies.

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