Inside FPV drone Has Raised INR 75 lakhs for the equity of 15% from Shark Tank India season 2. Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, Amit Jain and Aman Gupta jointly invested in this startup. Company Valuation is ₹5 Crore. Inside FPV asked in Shark Tank India ₹75 Lakh for 4% Equity. 

Then Shark Peyush & Shark Aman

₹50 Lakh for 20%, valuation ₹2.5 Crore , ₹25 Lakh @ No Interest

Shark Namita & Shark Amit Revised Offer

₹75 lakh for 15%, valuation ₹5 crore

Business Pitcher Counter Offer

₹75 lakh for 5%, valuation ₹15 crore

Shark Namita & Shark Amit Revised Offer

₹75 lakh for 12%, valuation ₹6.25 crore

Shark Peyush & Shark Aman Revised Offer

₹75 lakh for 12%, valuation ₹6.25 crore

All Four Shark Namita, Shark Amit, Shark Peyush & Shark Aman Revised Offer

₹75 lakh for 15%, valuation ₹5 crore

Business Pitchers finalise the All Four Shark Deal.

About Inside FPV

Inside FPV Business is recognised by DPIIT, DST Nidhi Prayas. Currently,  Business is incubated by VIT-TBI. Business was also nominated for India’s Top 500 Startups. Business is supported by DLabs at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad.

Oshi Kumari, Deyvant Bhardwaj and Arth Chowdhary are the founders of Inside FPV. Oshi Kumari is India’s First FP Woman Pilot. InsideFPV would like to work on introducing new products to provide affordable and good-quality drones according to customers’ needs.

Inside FPV Business Categories are classified according to the use of the drone;

 Consumer Drone

 Agriculture Drone

Defense Drone

InsideFPV Drone also sells Frames, Motors, Batteries, Chargers, Tools, Propellers, Controllers, Receivers, Electronics and other FPV Equipment.

Inside FPV Business Statistics

Inside FPV business was started in 2020. Drone starts from ₹2800 on their website. Last year Sales were ₹13 Lakh and the previous year was ₹85 Lakh. So far this year ₹44 lakh sales have been made, and the projected sales are 4 crores.

Inside FPV Business Sales Split

Plug & Fly FPV Drones – 400 crores

Spare Parts – 60 crores

The selling price of ₹ 2700 involves a cost of ₹ 1711 and a gross profit of ₹ 989.

Inside FPV Business Equity Distribution

Business equity has been discussed correctly in all three.

InsideFPV has also received a grant, which they have used to expand their business.

Wanted to see, a list of startups who pitched in Shark Tank Season 2, Know more at https://wext.in/c/shark-tank/

Problem Solved by Inside FPV

The first startup in India to offer Plug and Fly FPV drones, InsideFPV allows clients to plug in the battery and take off; the company takes care of the rest by providing free counselling and drone crash warranties. Everyone can purchase drones due to their low price. There are many multipurpose drones available for various applications.

InsideFPV offers a platform that enables its users to record films in a way that was before unattainable. Excellent FPV Drone goods were known for the cinematography they produced, utilising high-end, professional FPV drones with various uses and operating ranges.

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