Angrakhaa Has Raised INR 40 lakhs for the equity of 20% from Shark Tank India season 2. Cardekho founder Amit Jain invested in this clothing startup. Angrakhaa Company Valuation is INR 2 crores. Angrakhaa asked for ₹40 Lakh For 5% Equity. 

Then Shark Amit Offer

₹40 Lakh for 20% Equity, Angrakhaa Company Valuation – ₹2 Crore

Business Pitcher Counter Offer

₹40 Lakh for 15% Equity, Company Valuation – ₹2.67 Crore

Shark said he could do the help he needs in digital marketing, and there is a lot of work. It is not possible to do such things on low equity. Business pitcher Sharks finalizes the deal with Amit’s offer.

About Angrakhaa 

Angrakhaa Women’s Contemporary Indian clothing sells its unique design and fashion clothing online and offline worldwide. The speciality of all their products is that all their Angrakhaa Products are Made In India and Made with Love products. Their business presentation will reflect their passion and love towards the work and goal. 

Creating a reliable and ethical brand, Odd Size Stocks is presented by innovative strategy combining business with risk on a new e-commerce market platform. Angrakhaa also provides Made to order products so the customer can get the consequences of her choice.

Angrakhaa Women’s clothing brand is run by a female headship by Vishakha Bhaskar and Asan Riamey.

Angrakhaa Founder Vishakha Bhaskar has graduated in Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce. She is also Body Positivism Blogger. Gathering rich experience working with renowned designers in the industry, she changed her professional direction quite early in her career. Starting from zero, they have struggled to build a brand while taking care of every department. To do something new, uniqueness and speciality will be seen in their work.

Angrakhaa Founder Asana Riamel has 14 years of experience in fashion merchandising. Knowing this industry from the root, she handles the economics of tunic, managing vendors, and combining technical and artistic skills. She does all the work of the brain engaged in business.

Angrakhaa Women’s Clothing Store Business Statistics:

Angrakhaa Women’s Clothing Store was started in 2018.

Over the years, they have had over 12,000 happy customers.

Angrakhaa’s Social Media Followers are more than 55 thousand.

Angrakhaa sales in FY 2019 – 2020 were ₹14 Lakhs, and in FY2020 – 2021, sales were ₹7 Lakhs. 

After that, he made changes in the business by learning performance marketing, from which he made ₹ 1.10 crores in FY 2021 – 2022. Looking at the sales for the last month, July 22 saw ₹ 24 lakh sales, June ₹ 15 lahks and May ₹ 13 lahks. Looking at the unit economics, ₹2900 sales price includes cost ₹900, marketing ₹300, logistics ₹100 and GST ₹350. What remains after this is the profit of the Angarkha.

27% of Angrakha are repeating customers. The net profit margin was 20% in FY 2021 – 2022 and has now become 35% in FY 2022 – 2023.

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Problem Solved by Angrakhaa

Angrakhaa Women’s Contemporary Indian Garments sells its distinctively styled clothing online and offline to customers worldwide. All of their Angrakhaa Products are Made in India and Made with Love, their company’s unique selling point. Their company presentation will demonstrate their commitment to their objective and their love of what they do. Odd Size Stocks is provided by a creative strategy mixing business with risk on a new e-commerce market platform, building a trustworthy and ethical brand. To allow the consumer to acquire the products of his choice, Angrakhaa also offers Made to Order products.

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