What is the first thing you say after you get a call?  The answer to this question is “Hello”! We are aware of this fact. It is a habit or a reflex action when we receive the phone call. A baby who has started to speak is aware what to say first on the phone call. Many of us are not aware of the reason behind saying this specific world. There are some explanations as to why hello became a greeting while answering the phone call.

The term hello started from the name of a girl. Alexander Graham Bell had a girlfriend called Margaret Hello. It was her name that he took when he answered the telephone for the first time. People can forget the name of the inventor Graham Bell. His girlfriend will be remembered because of the word hello. That was her name.

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Graham Bell never had a girlfriend called Margaret Hello. He had a wife Mable Hubbard Bell. She was the one who could not hear. Graham Bell was in favour of making use of the word Ahoy while answering the phone. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. It was Thomas Alva Edison who used the greeting while answering the telephone.

It is mentioned that a Hungarian inventor, TIvadar Puskas created the first original telephone exchange with Edison. When testing the telephone connections, Edison kept asking Puskas if he can hear Edison.

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Puskas kept replying with the world hall that is I hear you which is the same as the term hello. Edison heard hello instead of Hallom and came up with the idea of making use of the same word for greeting on the phone. The other theory is that the word Hello has been taken from hullo. The American Merriam Webster dictionary describes it as a British variant of hello.

The word was used as an exclamation to call attention and it is an expression of surprise or a greeting. The word Hello comes from the word hello in the year 1840. It means to shout or an exclamation. This means that the word was used not only to greet but to call the attention of the individual on the other end of the line.

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Booking Train Tickets with IRCTC using SMS

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