Startup Quirky Naari raised Rs. 35 Lakhs funding’s in exchange for 24% equity. Entrepreneur Malvica Saxena founded the startup Quirky Naari, a fashion and lifestyle brand that focuses on individualized and sustainable clothes. Malvica Saxena began this brand in a small room in 2018, and it is currently India’s first hand-painted denim brand.

About the Quirky Naari

This startup sells a quirky, edgy assortment of women’s and children’s footwear and accessories. Striving for innovation and using a data-driven strategy to analyze client expectations and build personalized goods that meet their specific needs, the business entity also deals with customized footwear, hand-painted denim jackets, and designer bridal sneakers. In addition to that, the company provides its customers with fashion items that are not available in the mainstream markets. They have made 14-15 lakhs in revenue in the last 5-6 months.

The Sharks suggested to the entrepreneur Malvica that she should concentrate solely on shoes, enabling her to develop the firm to monthly sales of 25-30 lakhs.

Problem Solved By The Quirky Naari

Quirky Naari is the only company that offers personalized bridal footwear and apparel. They’ve worked with many artists, including the world-famous actress Priyanka Chopra promoting the Quirky Naari by shootouts. They aim to develop their business abroad and switch from customized to standardized items. She started this business independently and raised no money to turn it into a viable endeavour. Having been born and raised in a conventional family, Malvica began her business in Mathura by herself while demonstrating that a Start-up World Vibe is not required only to run a profitable startup.

The Shark Tank India sharks finalized the deal with Malvica for INR 35 lakhs in exchange for 25% equity. She countered with a 23 percent equity offer, which Anupam Mittal accepted by 1% extra, which is at 24%, and the deal was closed at this. Quirky Naari now has 12% ownership by Anupam Mittal and Vineeta Singh.

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