The startup Namhya Foods asked for INR 1 crore in exchange for a 5% equity to which her claims were challenged by the sharks as they were according to the people’s experiences which made the sharks phlegmatic about the deal in but the founder ended up finalising the deal with one of the Shark Aman Gupta for Rs. 50 lakhs in exchange for 10% stakes.

About The Namhya Foods

Based at Jammu and Kashmir and founded by Ridhima Arora, Namhya foods is a food and beverages startup including ayurvedic herbs and other related components used in it. The founder sought investment of INR 1 crore at 5% equity.

Before coming on Shark Tank India, Namhya Foods had grown a sizable business reason being the creator who are the marketing expert playing a crucial role in selling his healthy Ayurvedic firm. This business wasn’t popular in its initial stage. As the grown concern of health issues, the company is on the track of getting recognition in India through Shark tank India.

Problem Solved By Namhya Foods

As the nutritious food items have been a top priority for majority of people in India these days to maintain their health, in this regard Namhya Foods, an Ayurvedic company that produces healthful foods is being a problem solver. With variety of items such as healthy biscuits and so on the company receives many orders of the said products.

Namhya foods has been a top-notch solution for the junk foods or unhealthy foods products related challenges faced by many people.


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