Business Idea

PeeBuddy is a versatile female pee gadget that makes urinating at open spots less demanding for females at Bus stations, railway stations, clubs etc. Deep Bajaj, the founder of Pee buddy have seen a considerable measure of ladies grumbling about how they have contaminations, disturbance, and numerous other medical issues because of the messy toilets, this further prompts issues like the sporadic menstrual cycle, bladder issues, contagious disease and so forth.

Apart from this  First step, the company has also launched a product called ”Sirona” a Female Pain Relief Patch which is a 100% homegrown definition for menstrual and solid torment. Some of their other products are tampons with and without applicators, pad disposable bags, menstrual cups etc. which are biodegradable, environment-friendly and gives fewer rashes from other pads.

Scope of PeeBuddy

He always thought it will be certain for each lady, sooner or later in her life, has been desirous of the way that men needn’t bother with a shimmering clean can to diminish themselves. In this way, three Delhi young men, tired of tuning in to ladies rage – and quoted for women “I wish I could stand and pee wherever I need” – have made this conceivable. PeeBuddy, a Delhi-based startup, propelled in mid-2014, forms ladies’ cleanliness and close consideration items to improve the personal satisfaction for ladies the nation over.

It is a very unique and successful female pee gadget in pipe shapes and covered with the water-safe covering. This gadget is anything but difficult to bear and effortlessly dispensable also. It very well may be an ideal companion for ladies like me who won’t trade off on wellbeing and cleanliness.

Mission & Vision behind PeeBuddy

As we all Know Ladies are no not as much as men yet regarding the essential offices, very little notice has been paid. Out of all the essential offices, a perfect and safe open can for ladies has dependably been a hard nut to separate for ladies. Deep Bajaj, the founder’s only mission was to focus and fulfill the needs of women hygiene and expanding social cognizance in the general public.

Story behind PeeBuddy

It occurred on an excursion to Jaipur where the author with his better half and another companion couple had the issue of pee amid the outing, so one of the women proposed to cut the jug into half and pee after that. This rang the bell for Mr. Bajaj thus his exploration started in the same. Mr. Bajaj (founder) considers himself to be a social business visionary mission’s identity’s to affect the greatest number of lives as he can.

Reach, Revenue Model & Expansion Plans – PeeBuddy

The startup has sold around millions of products online and through retailers, in the course of the most recent years. This intends to present a scope of items in the forthcoming months.

Future Projections – PeeBuddy

Deep Bajaj always wanted to reach and empower each and every woman in India with the freedom to stand and pee with this unique and friendly gadget.

Hailing from a computer background, Paras Gaba had proven skills in the corporate alliance, technology, branding, digital transformation, growth hacking, and entrepreneurship. Vast and versatile experience from management to IT industry, and entrepreneurial organization to not-for-profit units.

Avoid Dirty Toilets, Just Stand & Pee – Use Sanfe

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