There’s no denying that with regards to accepting and receiving payments, PayPal is the prevailing champion. In fact, it’s the true online payment solution for online customers, freelancers, entrepreneurs & startups.

While people tend to love PayPal for an variety of reasons, technology has opened the doors for so many competitors to challenge PayPal by offering less expensive frees, fastest transactions, and upgraded security. Here are Top 10 Online Payment Solution.

1. Apple Pay

In case you’re a merchant, then it’s an ideal opportunity to consider accepting Apple Pay. Transactions are faster and more secure, since Apple Pay utilizes touch ID confirmation. In other words, a client can use their fingerprint to pay for their takeout pizza. Apple Pay is still generally youthful, however don’t be shocked if the service will adapt to support older machines.

Likewise, word in the city is that Apple is working away at a P2P system framework withing iMessage.

2. Payoneer

Payoneer is one of the most established worldwide online payment processing services. It is accessible in more than 200 countries and acknowledges 150 distinct currencies. Receiving payment is free, and the platform incorporates an flexible API’s that grows with your business. Like PayPal, you can get a plastic MasterCard in the event that you aren’t prepared to go 100 percent digital.

3. 2Checkout

2Checkout is another trusted online payment solution that permits customers to acknowledge Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and PayPal all globally. It’s accessible in 87 different languages, offers advanced fraud protection, integrates with several Online eCommerce, and permits you to automatically bill customers with recurring payments.

4. Amazon Payment

If you want to offer customers – a piece of mind, then accept payments through Amazon. At whatever point they make a buying on your site, they consequently experience Amazon’s checkout. This implies they’ll utilize their Amazon certifications, which makes the checkout procedure more helpful and dependable.

5. Payza

With this prominent services of Payza, you can send or get receive from anybody on the planet in simply an issue of minutes. It additionally has a cool and simple to-use interface, offers a powerful and interesting security framework, and gives devoted support—and it’s allowed to join. What’s most fascinating about Payza is that on top of receiving and sending withdrawing from bank account and credit card, it additionally accepts bitcoin.

6. Google Wallet

Once known as Google Checkout, Google Wallet is an online payment benefit that permits clients to send protected, straightforward, and expedient cash transactions from their browsers, smart phone, or Gmail account. You can store Visas, credit cards, debit cards, and even gift cards to your account.

7. WePay

WePay prides itself on its top-notch client service and fraud insurance. Vendors, in any case, similar to the way that clients can make their buys without leaving their site, because of a virtual terminal. WePay likewise offers Know Your Customer collection and risk management and can be used for invoicing, event ticketing, and promoting automation.

8. CC Avenue

CCAvenue is one of the biggest payment gateway provider, having a huge number of vendors on-board and active in South Asia’s and India offering multi-currency, multi-payment options, online payment preparing services. As claimed by CCAvenue their solution is powered by proprietary technology that integrates transaction-processing, advance shopping cart, auction payment collection facility, fraud control, financial reporting and order tracking.

9. Dwolla

Dwolla has similar features to PayPal with regards to transferring funds, but thanks to its API, it concentrates more on bank transfers, or Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, so users can create a customized payment  solution where payments are received within a day. Best of all, transactions are free.

10. Due

Due become famous through its inventive time-tracking and invoicing tools, which are particularly helpful for freelancer’s and entrepreneurs. Due has permitted clients to begin accepting secure online payments for only a 2.7 percent exchange rate. Due likewise receives worldwide payments, which normally happen inside two business days, and also an advanced wallet to send or get cash to anybody on the world in a split second with practically zero cost. It even has an eBank where you can store your money on the web.

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