If you are a couple in India, you probably know how difficult it is to be in the company of your loved one. You may often be judged for choosing to spend time with your significant other. More so, if you are still to exchange the vows. The unmarried couples in India are disgraced when seeking to spend some time together. Although no Indian law dictates that unmarried couples can’t stay at a hotel together, but in reality, they have to face severe social judgments when doing so. The hotels often deny rooms to the couples or embarrass them with uneasy questions. But modern entrepreneurs are breaking the taboos around relationships and are making the humiliating judgments a thing of the past.

Meet Sumit Anand and Karan Mago, the founders of LuvStay. If you feel comfortable in your relationship, they will make your dating a more comfortable ride. Understanding the conventions of Indian society, the duo realized that couples get nervous when they come to stay at a hotel. They decided to help couples find safe and secured stays and feel welcomed when heading for a private time.

About LuvStay

LuvStay is a hotel booking platform which has come to the rescue of modern couples (married and unmarried). It allows the young and modern couples book rooms conveniently for short stays during days and as per the standard check-in timings.

LuvStay also offers the comfort to book gifts or flowers when staying with LuvStay and provides for its delivery directly to the hotels. It ensures fast check-ins and absolutely no embarrassing questions. It is winning hearts as it is keen to service the unmarried couples with local IDs. The startup is breaking the taboos around dating and relationships and is getting more partner hotels in many cities.

Scope of LuvStay

With the hospitality boom, just when the hotels are losing business to their competitors, they are ensuring business to the hotels. It has been noticed that the hotels seek revenues by the end of the day. And if a hotel lifts its ‘married couples-only’ restriction, its revenues may grow by as much as 10%.

When startups are struggling to make revenues, LuvStay has reported a turnover of 1 million dollars in last 12 months. It is tying up with the local hotels and is extending them business through its user platform.

LuvStay does not own any property currently. Though it plans to own fancy hotels and design those on love-specific themes for dreamy couple experiences.

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