World Of Studios aims to empower upcoming talent by establishing its reach in the remotest of locations across India and also overseas with time. The company is already in discussions with studios, media personnel and artists around the globe and an international expansion are on the cards in the near future.

About World of Studios

World of Studios is a booking platform for recording studios and audio video music studios. The aim is to automate and manage the media and entertainment industry by making recording studios easy to find and easy to book. World of Studios also helps artists collaborate as it also has an inbuilt platform for artists booking and collaboration, making the platform a one-stop solution for music composition.

A music composer would be able to find singers, rappers, drummers, lyricists all on the platform. And they could collaborate with other musicians as well and record their work by booking a studio through the platform.

The problem of Market solved by World of Studios

Finding studios in Tier 1 cities is not much of an issue, but in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, the online platform goes a step beyond Google to help with the information of services that are offered by the studio, making it easier for people to search and book. Moreover, it offers pricing structure for different services and packages, giving the users a choice to opt for a studio or service as per their budget, while generating more business to studios.

Future Scope – World of Studios

They are already in the talks to expand overseas with interests received from Nepal, Germany and few African countries. World of Studios also plans to help release music of those with talent but little exposure with their partnerships across various music labels and companies.

Team – World of Studios

Kunal Kumar, CEO, and Founder – is a core tech guy, a cyber forensics expert, information security consultant and a published author. Kunal founded Something Cool, a virtual incubator for startups where he mentors and nurtures startups. He learned music composition and during his learning phase had struggle to find studios to hone his skills, that’s when he realized the need for the platform.

Yush Bhardwaj, COO – Yush is responsible for all activities that involve operations and tech as well. He is a software engineer and coded most of the product. He designed the technology stack of the platform and is responsible for development and products well being.

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