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As the whole world is fighting with the aid of Coronavirus, this week’s stock market has faced some of the difficulties in their trading. Some of the sectors got a hike in their trading while some of the areas came back to the back foot. However, the reality is that we all are in a severe emergency, and we all need to fight with it together. In another way, the whole world is becoming very limited, and now some of the companies and industries are looking for different strategies and plans.

Latest Stock Market News in this week

However, stills we have collected the latest stock market news from various sectors and industries which you can read below.

Wall Street drawback as the unsatisfactory decrement in the economy, downgraded by 1.4%

On Thursday, Wall Street reported a dismal in the economy percentage and the main reason for this dismal was the worldwide pandemic Covid-19. This pandemic caused many U.S. companies into high losses, and companies like S&P 500 got their economy down by 1.2%. Along with Europe, the situation IaaS with the United States as there are more than 3.8 million workers that come in the category of unemployed, and this thing will affect the economy of the country.

Wall Streets Indexes fall as Donald Trump directly warns the tariffs of China

Wall Street had faced a steep downgrade on Friday, and this happened after Donald Trump warns out the tariff companies of china about the spread of Coronavirus from their country. In their interview, Trump mentioned that the government of America would surely give a decision on trading deals with china after dealing with the pandemic of the Coronavirus. The statement given by Trump pulls back the attention towards the trade war that occurs in between the world’s economic countries. APPLE also shared a report according to which they got a sales shock of about 0.5%.

Three essential things shared by Buffett for the Indian Investors

Warren Buffett, owner of Berkshire Hathaway held a meeting on the 2nd of May. This meeting was a part of the annual meetings of the company and based on the equity investors of the company. Because of Covid-19, the meeting takes place on video conferencing. Along with these three things, another thing mentioned by Buffett was “Never Rely on the Progress of Country”.

Warren Buffett Jumped off with the sector, but the company will never get over with this pain

Warren Buffett, owner of Berkshire Hathaway kicked off their stakes in some big airline companies of the U.S., but he will never get over with this thing in his whole life. According to the experts, the level of airlines will take up to three years to become the same as in 2019.

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Some of the leading stocks that every trader needs to watch

HUL (Hindustan Unilever) reported about the downgrade of 3.93% and the consolidation of 1512 crore in the fourth month of 2020 according to the company. The company also reported a profit of 1574 crore between January to March. Along with it, the company also raised its profits to 53,215 crores by selling its shares to the investors.

Impact on Indian Equities because of the tension between the U.S. and China

For Indian Equities, Monday was a less beneficial day as the price of dollar hikes and oil prices fell. This was the result of the U.S-China war on the Covid-19 pandemic and because of these two countries; the Indian Investors are suffering from their stocks.

Stocks of Reliance Industries fell by 3% according to the last half results of March

After the company announced its end week’s stocks report, it is found that the stocks of the company fell by 3.2%. As in the previous disclosure, the company ended with the downfall of 1.7%. According to the report, the consolidation of RIL was fell by 38.7% in the last half of March and the net income of the company falls to 1.51 trillion. On the other hand, refining and petroleum businesses of RIL did better than the expectations and earn high profits.

IPO Corner, a Platform for all kinds of IPO Investment in India has been launched officially

Vedant Goel, the founder of IPO Corner has announced its official launch on 1 May 2020. IPO Corner is a one-stop platform for all kinds of investors who wish to invest in the IPO markets of India. The company mainly focuses on providing all investment-related information and solutions to investors.

Indian Stock market got a shock of 6% because of China-U.S tension

According to a report from the Indian Stock department, Indian investors lost about 5.83 trillion on Monday. As the Indian stock market was profoundly impacted by global tension and pressures. BSE Sensex closed on the downfall of 2002.27 points, and 50-share index Nifty closed on the destruction of 566.40 points. In respect of it, U.S. President Donald Trump stated, “Corona Virus is one of the biggest mistakes done by China”.

Impact on Airline Industry give, China tensions fire

As the stock market of the U.S. starts to fall, the direct effects of this can be seen in the airline companies of the U.S. The billionaire airline company of U.S Berkshire Hathaway has jumped off with the sector of airlines and other companies like Delta Air Lines, Southwest
Airlines Co, American Airlines had fallen between 9% to 11%. As the company, itself revealed the loss of 50 billion and the vice president of Berkshire had stated this as the reason for company closure.

Positive results from the oil industry of Asian Stocks

Every sector is fighting towards the downfall due to U.S-China tensions but the industry that does not have any impact is the oil industry. As in the last session of April, it is mentioned about the rapid growth in the market of Crude oil.

Stock Market seems to be in little profits after a volatile session

The stock market on Tuesday appears to be lower as the whole increment in stocks was only 1% and the meeting of the trade was very unpredictable and the increase of 1% was also dragged in the last one hour of trading. The BSE Sensex market faced the downfall of 261.84 points; on the other hand, 50-share index Nifty faced the destruction of 87.90 points.

Wall Street Stock Market jumps to higher profits on Tuesday

As the energy, sectors like oils had faced a jump in the stock market. The increment is the result of ease in the lockdown in various countries, however; the dangerous countries like U.S. and Italy still have the order to stay at home because they are waiting for higher jumps in the oil industry. However, all other companies like S&P 500 faced a higher rise in their stock markets, but even after a higher rise in the stock market, the company has not covered the loss of the last few months and still fighting to recover it.

The massive hike in the stocks of Zoom and Delivery Hero

The whole world is fighting with the aid of coronavirus pandemic, and the companies are struggling with their economies but have you ever thought about any company, which is collecting high profits in this low economy period? Zoom Video Communication and Delivery Hero S.E. are the two money makers of this situation. As the funds of EMJ Capital Ltd. got a hike of 56% this year. Companies like Zoom and delivery heroes are taking benefit from it. As the Coronavirus is considered as pandemic on the 3rd of February 2020, suddenly investors saw a steep hike in the stocks of the Zoom app, and in making it a leading company China plays an important role.

SBI Life Insurance got a jump of 5% in the fourth quarter

In the fourth quarter, SBI Life Insurance faced a rise of 4.7%, and the company reports a profit of 16% between January to March. The net profit of the company was increased from 457.68 crores to 530.67 crores. In the last quarter of March, the company got a rose of 4.7%.

Oil Retailers got relief as the government implemented hikes

As the oil industry got a walk in the stock market, the government of India hiked 10 rupees in the petrol and 13 rupees in diesel. However, the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation reported a downfall of 13% and BSE. Bharat Petroleum reported the destruction of 10%. The government of India hiked the prices for road cess, and this resolution was passed by 42%.

That`s all for this week. We hope you like the stock market news and for more stay connected with us on our Stock Market News Channel on Telegram at https://t.me/ipocorner.

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