This is good news for all investors of IPO investment in India. After a dry spell of approx. four months in the IPO market, Rossari Biotech is now launching its Rossari Biotech Limited IPO. The subscription will be opening from 13 July 2020 to 15 July 2020. Both the new and existing investors must be confused on the Rossari Biotech upcoming IPO Investment, and looking here and there for the required details.

IPO Corner, the online leading portal of IPO investments and share market, has now come up with the complete details on Rossari Biotech’s mainboard IPO and industry expert views on the investment for this IPO.

Know About Rossari Biotech IPO

For those who still don’t know about Rossari Biotech, the initial step is to know about the company before proceeding towards Rossari Biotech mainboard IPO Investment. The company is the country’s well-known largest manufacturer of textile specialty chemicals. Apart from it, it also manufactures products in various categories such as personal care, home, animal health, and nutrition products.

Rossari Biotech operates its business not only in India but majorly in 17 countries, including Bangladesh, Mauritius, and Vietnam.

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Rossari Biotech Corporate and Private Operations

Both contract level and private level manufacturing operations are done by Rossari Biotech mainboard IPO Company. Rossari Biotech is involved in the manufacturing products for HUL, Rohit Surfactants (mainly Ghadi Detergent Brand), and for B2B contracts of Bosch and IFB. For textile specialty chemicals, it supplies to Raymond, Arvind, and Bhaskar Denim.

Rossari Biotech mainboard IPO Subscription Details

Rossari Biotech’s mainboard IPO subscription is opening for the investors from 13 July 2020 to 15 July 2020. IPO Investors can subscribe to Rossari Biotech SME IPO through their Demat account with their respective stock brokers online. NRI investors can also subscribe to Rossari Biotech IPO using a similar ASBA form from their stockbrokers. The last date to subscribe to Rossari Biotech IPO is 15 July 2020, and therefore it is suggested that you apply for the IPO before the scheduled date so that you don’t miss it!

Rossari mainboard IPO Lot Size and Listing Date

The lot size of Rossari Biotech’s mainboard IPO is 35 shares. The minimum lot which the investors can bid is 1 for INR 14,875 and maximum lots available for bid is 13 for an amount of INR 193,375. The price band of Rossari Biotech IPO share is fixed at INR 423 to 425 per equity share taking the IPO issue size to approx. INR 500 Cr.

Expert Views on Rossari Biotech Investment

Financial investment experts from IPO Corner suggest Rossari Biotech mainboard IPO a perfect investment option both of short term and long term investors. With the EBITDA and net profit CAGR being at the top lines with 35% in FY17-18, 63% in FY18-19, and 67% in FY 19-20, Rossari Biotech SME IPO is a good pick. Apart from it, the company is having a large and top-notch client base for supplying its manufactured products.

Looking towards the valuations of the company, Rossari Biotech’s upcoming IPO Company had superior revenue growth, volume, and ROI ratios in the last two fiscal years. The company is also planning to expand its manufacturing capacity to 252,000 MTPA by the end of FY21, which can boost its revenue, of course.

Coronavirus Affect – Covi19 impact has been flourishing for the Rossari Biotech IPO Company. Amid Covi19 pandemic outbreak, the HPPC segment of the company has seen a surge in the sale and revenue due to the higher demands of the sanitizers and disinfectants. In FY20, the segment was noted for 46.8% revenue in FY20, followed by 43.7% revenue from textile specialty chemicals and remaining part from the animal nutrition segment.

FAQs on Rossari Biotech IPO

Q1. What is Rossari Biotech Ltd IPO?

Rossari Biotech IPO is a mainboard IPO of Rossari Biotech, India’s largest textile specialty chemicals manufacturing company for the public issue of 11,682,033 equity shares of face value INR 2, totaling up to INR 496.49 Cr. The IPO is opening for subscription on 13 July 2020 till 15 July 2020.

Q2. What are the lot size, issue prices, and minimum lot for Rossari Biotech’s Limited IPO?

The lot size of Rossari Biotech IPO is 35 shares with the issue price band of INR 423 to INR 425 per equity shares. The minimum quantity which an investor can bid is 1.

Q3. Can NRI apply for Rossari Biotech Limited IPO?

Yes, NRIs can apply for Rossari Biotech’s mainboard IPO by filling a similar ASBA form from their stockbrokers.

Q4. When is the Rossari Biotech Ltd IPO allotment date?

The basis of allotment for Rossari Biotech IPO is scheduled to be done on 20 July 2020 and the allotted shares will be credited in the Demat account of the investor on 22 July 2020. The listing date of Rossari Biotech’s upcoming IPO share on BSE/NSE is 23 July 2020.

Q5. How can apply for Rossari Biotech Limited IPO?

Investors can apply for Rossari Biotech IPO through their online banking systems using ASBA online or with the help of their stockbrokers, where they are holding a Demat account. Rossari Biotech applications are available with all the leading banks, including ICICI, HDFC, and SBI.

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India’s Largest Chemical Company Rossari Biotech IPO Subscription Opening on 13 July 2020

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