Kyari Innovations Has Raised INR 51 Lakhs for the equity of 6% from Shark Tank India season 2. Peyush Bansal and Anupam Mittal invested in this startup. Kyari Innovations company valuation is INR 51 crores. Kyari Innovations asked for ₹51 Lakh for 1% Equity. 

After that, Namita Offered

₹51 lahks for 10% equity, Kyari Business Valuation – ₹5.1 Crore

Peyush, Aman & Anupam Offer

₹51 lahks for 12% equity,

Namita & Amit

₹51 lahks for 10% equity

Business Pitcher Counter Offer

₹51 lahks for 2% equity

The business pitcher wanted to maintain the valuation.

Namita & Amit

₹51 lahks for 8% equity

Peyush & Anupam

₹51 lahks for 10% equity

The business pitcher said they would not be able to do anything at such a low valuation. So Shark Piyush makes him a last offer instead of cancelling the deal.

Peyush Offer

₹51 lahks for 5% equity

Peyush & Anupam Offer (Shark Anupam offered a higher amount of investment but also a small range to increase equity percentage)

₹80 lahks for 8% equity

Namita & Amit Offer –

₹51 lahks for 6% equity

Peyush & Anupam

₹51 lahks for 6% equity

Business Pitcher finalizes deal with Shark Piyush and Shark Anupam for ₹51 Lakh for 6% equity.

About Kyari Innovations 

Abhay Sharma and Smritika Sharma are the founders of this startup. Kyari Innovations is the World’s First Smart Stick Guardian that helps make your nature walks safer. Kyari is a small village situated near Jim Corbett National Park. Many farmers had started giving up farming because of the deadly tiger attacks. The business founder loved to have adventures there. He thought to solve this confusion and started this business by inventing Kyari Aniders.

Kyari Innovations Business Statistics:

  • The industry of Kyari Innovations business is a 1000 crore market.
  • Kyari Innovations was started in 2018.
  • More than 2000 forest candidates use it.
  • Globally there is a $13.5 billion camping equipment market.
  • Kyari Innovations products fall in the range of ₹10,000 to ₹17,500. According to Shark, this is too much for the Indian market. It costs ₹ 2000 to ₹ 3500 to make it. Making around 30% profit margin consistent so far.
  • Kyari started with ₹8 Lakh in FY 2018 – 2019, followed by ₹30 Lakh in FY 2019 – 2020. Kyari Innovations Sales in FY 2020 – 2021 was ₹ 1.2 Crore, and on the same scale, FY 2021 – 2022 was ₹ 1.4 Crore Sales. In FY 2022 – 2023, Sales are ₹ 75 Lakh.
  • Kyari Innovations Monthly Sales were ₹10 Lakh in July 2022 and Projected ₹17 Lakh in August 2022. Now this month, Kyari Innovations has made ₹ 5.1 lakh profit.

Kyari Innovations Product Specialties:

  • Kyari is a Personal Protection Gadget which makes nature walks safe. Featuring seven light modes and a full range of Accessories Supporting Adventure for all tasks, whether cooking, reading or hiking in the woods. This is Kyari Innovations Product’s Lug Series for Wildlife Conservationists with Ergonomic Design. This range is for Forest Officials.


  • Apart from this, there are products like Easy to Carry Stick for hikers for Wildlife Adventurers, which with water-resistant properties, make your adventure and wildlife exploration exciting and straightforward.


  • Kyari Innovations creates tools to help farmers with their soil by discovering products for farmers. Coming closer to nature, with responsibility for it, they make all kinds of products from the point of view of ecological impact and social relevance.


  • Kyari for adventure Umbrellas inspires nature walks around the world to be safe. They want to turn their passion for adventure into a responsible and simple Adventure Experience.


  • Kyari for Wildlife Products is used worldwide. They design the product with both wildlife and their patrons in mind. Kyari Stick for forest rangers Wants to be a part of Adventure Seeker’s journey in getting closer to nature. Due to this, no one should feel unsafe from activities such as camping, sailing, fishing, hiking or mountain biking, which bring one closer to nature.

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Problem Solved by Kyari Innovations

Expanding further, they created more products around adventure and wildlife, getting closer to nature, and understanding every difficulty. The business has to be made as memorable and good as the experience of adventure that has never been experienced before. Their products have saved many lives and made the journey to nature easier.

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