Kalakaram has raised ₹ 60 lakhs in exchange for 6% equity in the company. Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, and Anupam Mittal invested in this startup. The owner made an ask of ₹ 50 lakhs for 2.5% equity.

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At first, Namita offered 50 Lakhs for 5% equity, then Anupam offered 50 lakhs for 4% equity and Peyush offered 50 Lakhs for 5% equity. Later Aman offered 50 lakhs for 4% equity. Then Anupam, Namita and Peyush together offered 60 lakhs for 6%. Then Aman said I can invest 60 lakhs for 6% alone. But the owner asked him to come along with other sharks. And the deal was done with Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, and Anupam Mittal at 60 lakhs for 6% equity.


About Kalakaram:


The founder of the company is Chaitanya Malhotra. He is from Gurgaon. Kalakaram Business has just started with the go-to-market (GTM) strategy of selling DIY Craft and Art Kits. He comes into the toy-making industry and wants to create more Kalakaram Product Range by experimenting with Design and Trends.


Going forward, he wants to expand from Kalakaram DIY Products to Kalakaram Workshop and Kalakaram Cafe to corporate activities with an artistic environment for all.


He created the Kalakaram Business Name by combining the names of his father and grandfather. He has learned from his father in Business Legacy that the business should be profitable from the first day and he has grown the business with the same Sustainable Business Strategy.


Kalakaram Business Statistics:


In Kalakaram Chaitanya Malhotra owns 50% equity and rest 50% is owned by his Father. Kalakaram Sales exhibited a progressive trend from September to November 2023, with figures of ₹42 lahks, ₹45 lahks, and ₹50 lakh respectively. The fiscal year 2022-2023 recorded total sales of ₹1.5 crore, while a projected ₹5 crore is anticipated for FY 2023-2024. Maintaining a monthly net margin of 23%, Kalakaram also maintains a sales growth rate of 11.1%.


Kalakaram’s sales are diversified across various channels, with online contributing 10%, Hamleys 45%, general trade 35%, and miscellaneous and exports making up the remaining 10%. Founder Chaitanya predicts a significant growth trajectory for the Indian DIY arts and crafts market, estimating it to reach ₹4000 crore by 2025.


What Problem Do They Solve?


Kalakaram designs products for children between 4 years to 14 years. The owner’s vision is to sell his traditional toy and craft products by making customized sets as per the need and also wants to expand them towards Learning Workshop and Art Cafe for teaching. 


Kalakaram Art and Craft Products are available in more than 350 retail stores. Apart from online platforms, these products are also available on their own website Amazon, Flipkart and Hamleys.


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