SRS Softwares proudly celebrates the sweet music of success – over 220 companies are now in tune with their ERP solution, PTAC! This momentous crescendo reflects SRS Softwares’ dedication to orchestrating operational excellence for businesses of all kinds.

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Some Happy Stories: How PTAC Made a Difference


  • Shiva Auto Sales Pvt Ltd: This auto giant shifted gears with PTAC, streamlining processes and proving its adaptability to diverse needs. Efficiency roared to life, leaving satisfied customers in its wake.
  • Shivang Automobile: From complex chaos to coordinated flow, PTAC transformed Shivang Automobile’s operations. User-friendly features became the conductor, harmonizing workflows and boosting efficiency.
  • Double Hiran Oil: PTAC struck gold with Double Hiran Oil, revolutionizing data management. Quicker decision-making became the new standard, fueled by PTAC’s innovative approach.
  • Plus Point: Customer service hit a high note with PTAC in the hands of Plus Point. Streamlined communication and issue resolution thanks to PTAC’s CRM features have led to client interactions that sing with satisfaction.
  • Spider: This manufacturing maestro spun a web of success with PTAC. Optimized inventory and reduced costs became the new rhythm, thanks to PTAC’s versatility.
  • Akanksha: Simplicity became the key melody for Akanksha, thanks to PTAC. Their business operations played a harmonious tune, proving PTAC’s ability to simplify and empower.



PTAC: More Than Just an ERP, It’s a Business Symphony


These are just a few verses in the grand composition of PTAC’s success. From automotive powerhouses to manufacturing marvels, PTAC conducts diverse industries to operational triumphs. Contact SRS Softwares today and let PTAC orchestrate your business masterpiece!



Ready for a Change? Try PTAC!


If your business wants to be better and not miss out on the good stuff, talk to us at SRS Softwares. Let us show you how PTAC can help your business. It’s like having a smart friend that knows exactly what you need to be successful. Don’t wait – let’s make your business the best it can be with PTAC!

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[…] Also Read: 200+ Companies in Harmony: PTAC ERP Plays a Winning Tune! […]

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