iMumz has raised 10 lacs at 1% equity and 60 lacs debt at a 10% interest rate from shark tank season 2. Piyush invested in this startup. The owners asked for 70 lacs for 1% equity of the company at the valuation of 70 crores.

Peyush offered 10 lacs for 1% equity and 60 lacs debt at a 10% interest rate. And the deal was finalized with the same.

Also Read London Bubble Co. has raised INR 75 lakhs from shark tank season 2. Namita invested in this startup. The pitcher made an ask of 75 lakhs for 5% of equity.

About iMumz

Ravi Teja Akondi is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of iMumz CEO. Mayur Dhurpate is the CTO, aka Chief Technical Officer and co-founder. Rajesh Jagasia and Jaideep Malhotra are the co-founders.

The formal name of iMumz – Pregnancy & Parenting Business is Pruoo Health Tech Private Limited. Led by a team of IIT engineers and doctors, iMumz provides facilities to change pregnant women’s and new parents’ lives. They have collaborated with top psychology, ayurveda, and neuroscience experts to deliver results based on scientifically tested methods. iMumz pregnancy app for new mothers helps mothers keep track of their health and organize all the processes by being a solution buddy.

iMumz – Pregnancy & Parenting Business strives to create a safe pregnancy environment for healthy and happy babies. Its mobile applications provide medical information through AMA sessions, meditation activities, and mental exercises to help pregnant women be healthy and stress-free.

iMumz Business Statistics:

In 2020 iMumz – A pregnancy & Parenting Business, was started. iMumz Application has been downloaded by more than 6 lakh people. More than 8 lakh pregnant women have availed of the services of iMumz. Their application has 1.1 lakh active users and 30,000 paid subscribers. Total sales to date are ₹2.2 crores. 

Ravi Teja Akondi, Mayur Dhurpate, Rajesh Jagasia, and Jaideep Malhotra have equal equity. For founders – 67%, for Aesop – 10%, and for investors – 23%.

What Problem Do They Solve

iMumz – Pregnancy & Parenting Application help with mindfulness, music therapy, nutritional food advice, conscious breathing, and light physical activity. It improves physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual well-being. iMumz Designed to monitor health and well-being during pregnancy management, the app is currently marketed around the lifestyle of India. Housewives used to get such suggestions, and they used to supervise. iMumz – Pregnancy & Parenting Services are Daily LIVE Prenatal Yoga, Personal Nutritionist, Expert-Led Workshops, and Unlimited Medical Support.

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[…] Read iMumz has raised 10 lacs at 1% equity and 60 lacs debt at a 10% interest rate from shark tank season 2. […]

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