Ubreathe Has Raised 50 lakhs rupees in exchange for 10% equity and 1 crore rupees debt at 10% interest from shark tank season 2. Namita invested in this startup. The pitcher made an ask of 1.5 crore rupees for 7.5% equity.

Namita offered 50 lakhs rupees for 10% equity and 1 crore debt at 10% interest. Pitcher’s counteroffers for 50 lakhs at 4% equity and 1 crore rupees debt at 10% interest. And the deal was done with Namita for 50 lakhs rupees in exchange for 10% equity and 1 crore rupees debt at 10% interest.

Also Read iMumz has raised 10 lacs at 1% equity and 60 lacs debt at a 10% interest rate from shark tank season 2. Piyush invested in this startup. The owners asked for 70 lacs for 1% equity of the company at the valuation of 70 crores.

About Ubreathe

The founders of the company are Subham Singh and Sanjay Maurya. Ubreathe Life Business offers over 500 plant-based purification solutions combining nature and technology. Its formal name is Urban Air Labs Pvt. Ltd., which strives to provide solutions to connect with nature through its products by innovating with the idea of an urban lifestyle.

A grant was awarded to Ubreathe Life Business by the Maharashtra State Innovation Society on January 01, 2020. After that, he received business funds by raising a round from Startup Nexus. They want to make every effort to revive the World of Clean Air. Ubreathe Life Internet is the first brand offering plant-based indoor air purifiers, creating a unique combination of the Munnar effect, falcon effect, Magneto effect, Pre–Filter Activated Charcoal, and HEPA FILTER.

Ubreathe Business Statistics:

Ubreathe increases the cleanliness of air through plants by approximately 500 times. Ubreathe Life was established on 1st October 2018. Ubreathe Life has had over 1000 customers so far.

Ubreathe Life Yearly Sales

FY 2018 – 19, Sales – ₹2.5 Lakh

FY 2019 – 20, Sales – ₹12.5 Lakh

FY 2020 – 21, Sales – ₹26.5 Lakh

FY 2021 – 22, Sales – ₹47 Lakh

FY 2022 – 23, Sales till date – ₹27 Lakh (Projected Sales – ₹50 Lakh)

Ubreathe Life Monthly Burn – ₹3 Lakh

Gross Margin – 30%

EBITDA – (-50%)

₹45 lahks has been invested in Ubreathe Life so far.

What Problem Do they Solve

Ubreathe Life Business Life is designed to utilize the technology-generated plant air purification process. It covers the entire spectrum of indoor air quality by removing organic contaminants and improving O2 levels. At the same time, it is aesthetically designed to enhance your home’s decor.

They use technology to drive and innovate products/applications primarily focusing on urban-life style needs. With Equal Expertise in Designing, Development, and Commercialization, they have built a unique portfolio of innovative products to tackle and improve Air Quality Challenges linked with Urban-Life Style.

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