Dobiee Foods Has Raised INR 72 Lakhs for the equity of 6.5% from Shark Tank India season 2. Cardekho founder Amit Jain invested in this startup. Dobiee Foods asked In Shark Tank India 72 Lakh for 2% Equity. 

Sharks offer business pitchers at a very high initial equity;

Shark Amit Offer

₹40 Lakh for 5% Equity, ₹32 Lakh Debt @ 11% Interest, Valuation – ₹8 Crore

Shark Anupam

₹72 lakh for 11% equity, valuation – ₹6.55 crore

Business Pitcher Counter

₹72 lakh for 5% equity, valuation – ₹14.4 crore

Shark Anupam Revised Offer

₹72 lakh for 9% equity, valuation – ₹8 crore

Shark Amit Revised Offer

₹72 lakh for 7% equity, valuation – ₹10.29 crore

Shark Amit & Shark Anupam Offer

₹72 lakh for 10% equity, valuation – ₹7.2 crore

Business Pitcher Offer

₹72 lakh for 6% equity, valuation – ₹6 crore

Amit Revised Offer

₹72 lakh for 6.5% equity, valuation – ₹11.08 crore

Business Pitcher Sharks finalize deal with Amit for ₹72 Lakh for 6.5% equity.

About Dobiee Foods

Dobiee Confectionery Candies A taste of summer in every bite, a sweet and tangy flavour only one wants to be synonymous with. Ajay Mukesh Dharamshi and Mukesh Dharamshi are the founders of this startup. 

Dobiee Fruit Flavored Candies present vibrant colours and products with sweetness for kids and adults alike while fueling the creativity and mischief in everyone. With their experience of making the world candy-licious with the sweetness they offer, Doobie Foods is the sweet solution to all sugar cravings for the cognoscenti of sweetness.

These Sugar Event Occasions are guaranteed to provide a unique and delicious taste experience. From kids to adults, Dobiee Fruit Flavored Candies is determined to make everyone’s sweetest dreams come true and a happy experience while making everyone smile.

Dobiee Foods Fruit Flavor Confectionery Candies sell their products in Combo Packs on their website and online marketplace. A flavoured pack contains 50 to 100 candies. They sell combinations of all these flavours in various Birthday Party Packs and Gift Hamper Packs.

Also available in different shapes are Dobiee Fruit Flavor Candies, Dobiee Fruit Flavor Muskiee, Dobiee Fruit Flavor Toy Candies and Dobiee Fruit Flavor Lollipops in the flavours of Dobiee Center Filled and Double Flavored.

Dobiee Fruit Confectionery Candies Flavors: 

  • Dobiee Foods Fruit Flavor Confectionery Candies come in a variety of “Centre Filled Candies” flavours;
  • My Toy & Joy
  • Muskie
  • Ammas Kapi
  • Berry Luv
  • Kharbuja Candy

Dobiee Confectionery Business Statistics:

  • Dobiee was launched in 2021.
  • There is a capacity of 10 tonnes, and 1 to 1.5 tonnes are currently doing dobby production.
  • The candies business is a market of 20 thousand crores.
  • Have done ₹ crore in 15 months so far.
  • Dobie Pitcher believes in number 11 and lives in his 1102 room number on the 11th floor. Ajay’s birthday is on the 11th.
  • Sell a product worth ₹ 100 to 45 distributors. Air costs ₹ 20 to ₹ 25 to make it. Their trade margin is 55%.

Wanted to see, a list of startups who pitched in Shark Tank Season 2, Know more at https://wext.in/c/shark-tank/

Problem solved By Dobiee Foods.

With its objective to inspire creativity and mischief in all of us, Dobiee Foods has changed the food market, and its colourful colours and products certainly do that!

They are experts on sweetness, and thanks to their experience with Dobiee Foods, which made the world more delectable through candy, they are now on a mission to offer the sweet answer whenever you have a sugar need or for any sugary occasion. With their decadent candies and distinctive tastes, they promise to give you a mouthwatering experience for every occasion. Their website is dedicated to bringing smiles to everyone, kids and adults alike. Your sweetest dreams will come true, and they’ll make it, so everyone has a good time.

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