Today business leaders are appropriately centered on the immense challenges raised by the COVID19 crisis about business continuity. Almost all the businesses are looking for some shortcuts that will help them cope up with the losses faced by them due to the lockdown implemented by the government. They want something quick and fast, that fixes things easily. All of them wish to be back on the track which they have lost due to the COVID19 crisis.

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But this is where they are making the mistake since they need to understand that this coronavirus pandemic situation is not getting over this easily. It is going to affect the countries for more than a year. Therefore, these business owners need to think long-term to survive your business. So, the businesses no matter if they are digitalized or not, need to look at the problems caused by the pandemic. Maybe we can begin by thinking about those four things for fighting coronavirus crisis.

Create a COVID19 Crisis Escape Plan

As it is a known fact that due to the coronavirus pandemic situation, the economy is getting threatened and there is a huge drop in GDP. Therefore, the governments are planning some serious lockdown strategies which can help the businesses to rebuild their economy while posing less threat to people’s lives. Consecutively, the businesses to get rid of the coronavirus crisis, and hence will have to focus on prioritizing their employee’s wellbeing and cope with the effects of lockdown.

Use the Technology for Growth

One thing is for sure while you think long-term to survive your business that technology is going to play a huge role for businesses to conduct the basic tasks during the crisis. For example, the stock exchanges are still working even after the physical trading sectors have closed. The customer support of almost every company has started working from home with the help of AI to maintain customer satisfaction. Many applications like Microsoft Teams and Zoom App are helping all of us to do better. This time is the right one for us to think about how we can use technology for growth over a longer period. Many businesses are using the technology for augmenting the employees to achieve higher productivity to fight back the COVID19 crisis.

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Consider the Cultural and Behavioral Changes Introduced by Covid-19

One thing is for sure that this pandemic outbreak has brought a lot of changes in our working method. For example, connecting online through video-conferencing for meetings and working from home is something that the COVID19 crisis has taught the employees. From product deliveries, now people have shifted towards buying training courses and entertainment series online. Therefore, the organizations can utilize this chance to capitalize on these significant behavioral and cultural changes that have taken place in these few months and keep using them post COVID19 world also. This could mean that there will be the development of omnichannel business strategies that would combine both digital and face-to-face offerings. So, plan accordingly as to how one can accept these changes and add them to their working methods for the long-term.

The globe is still in chaos right now and hence the dropping economy is a threat for all the businesses. So, the business sector must plan their working methods in a way that they can consider for the long term.

Hailing from a computer background, Paras Gaba had proven skills in the corporate alliance, technology, branding, digital transformation, growth hacking, and entrepreneurship. Vast and versatile experience from management to IT industry, and entrepreneurial organization to not-for-profit units.

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