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Can we survive a single second without water on earth? Of course, No! This is like taking a breath without oxygen. The Earth is made up of 70% water. Still many of the regions in India are facing a scarcity of fresh and clean water. In summers, most of the parts of India are drought-hit with a very minimum level of the water being present in the key reservoirs. Isn’t this a red alert for us? Why the water crisis and its conservation are increasingly resonating in our society? The growing population with an increase in the wastage and non-conservation of water can be devastating for the future. So, water conservation is very much important for our future generation.

Keeping all these in mind, a very well-renowned entrepreneur Mr. Vedant Goel with his friend Yusuf Soni has taken an initiative for ‘Save Water’, which has not only shaped a new approach in Maharashtra towards water conservation but has also given them a new title of ‘water heroes of India’.

Saving of 40,000 Litres of Water Per Day by Water Heroes – How did it begin?

Vedant Goel and Yusuf Soni are the two Naissance members and founders of ‘I Need Sai’ organization which works mainly on the mission of saving water. Recognized as ‘Water Dada’, both of them have a great on-going contribution in spreading water conservation awareness among the school-going children. ‘I Need Sai’ organization was established in 2016 under the responsibilities of CSR. The idea of becoming water heroes came into their mind in the year 2015, when there were water issues in many areas of Pune. With an idea in their mind, Vedant and Yusuf started gifting small drums to the school, where students can pour the remaining water from their water bottles, which can be further used to water the plants or cleaning the school washrooms.

As per Yusuf Soni, “Water wastage has definitely become a behavior, no matter it is for car wash, brushing the teeth or taking a bath. Water is free of cost but it is valuable. People are not aware of how much expensive resource, the water is. They don’t know the upcoming future scarcity value of water. That’s why we both have thought of spreading awareness of water conservation amongst school students through our campaign”

After the start of their water conservation awareness campaign through the ‘I Need Sai’ organization, they started getting a good response within a short span of time. As of today, almost 52 schools with around 2500 students each have tied up to contribute towards the initiative of water conservation with these water heroes of India. With a contribution of more than 1.30 lac students, the water conservation initiative of ‘Water Dada’ is successfully saving more than 40,000 liters of water per day.

How Do These Water Heroes work for their Water Conservation Initiative?

Towards the growing behavior pattern of society towards wastage of water, water heroes, Vedant, and Yusuf have accomplished their ‘water conservation’ initiative with the help of children. The main aim of ‘I Need Sai’ organization is to provide limelight that the precious water resources have to be used in a wisely manner to save our nation’s future. These water heroes of India visit various schools every week and teach the children to conserve the leftover water in their water bottle by pouring it into a drum, which has been kept by ‘I Need Sai’ organization within the school campus. This collected water is further used for sanitation purposes like cleaning the washrooms, watering the trees, and washing buses.

These two water heroes of India mainly aim to educate the children about the importance of water and teaching them about the problem of water scarcity, which most of the parts of our nation is facing. The idea of collecting the leftover water in the drum proceeds to sustainable use of the water. This is not only a way for water conservation but also is helping the kids in learning about sustainable development.

The good part of this appreciating ‘water conservation’ mission from these water heroes of India, is that lots of schools and students are contributing to this social cause and initiative. Water Dada Vedant Goel targets to approach at least 15 to 20 lakhs students in this initiative of saving water within the next year.

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The Result

The water conservation mission by these two water heroes of India is now saving more than 40,000 liters of water a day. The big achievement of this mission is the change in behavior and thinking regarding water conservation in the participating students as well as their families.

As per Vedant and Yusuf, the real water heroes are children who have made it possible for the social awareness campaign of water conservation to touch the achievement of success. The students have been actively participating in this initiative not only in school but in their homes too. Children are the only possible medium by which anyone can change adult behavior in society.

The water heroes are now in talks with the government agencies to be a part of their initiative. Because the government has resources that can help water dada in taking the initiative to the national level for the nation’s benefit.

Be a part of Bright Future

India is a young nation as youth is the strength of this country. Water dada Vedant and water dada Yusuf have already started utilizing this Indian Youth Strength to accomplish ‘mission water conservation’ and are laying down ways for a better future of the nation. With this inspiring journey of these two entrepreneurs cum water heroes, it has been proved that any type of idea or task is not impossible. Water scarcity is a type of devastating disaster, which should be avoided. Vedant and Yusuf are spreading awareness not only to save water but to consume limited water resources and not to waste it unnecessarily. The water conservation campaign by these water heroes is bringing a positive change in society and encouraging others to be a part of this social campaign.

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