After the COVID19 pandemic situation, several companies recommend and even mandate that more workers should operate from home. During this age of social distancing, working from home may be a solitary activity, but it doesn’t have to be. Distractions will interrupt the efficiency of people who are not used to working at home. Today, Every business owner & entrepreneur is looking for some solution to maximize team productivity.

After all, the employees are not in any professional setting and find it a bit difficult to juggle in their personal space. To be a good telecommuter, it takes tremendous discipline. We tried in this article to list a number of the most important management tools for remote managers and workers that can help them during the COVID19.

Here is a list of tips that they can follow for sure to maximize team productivity while their employees are working from home:

1. Maximize Team Productivity with Timely Information

For every company, it is very significant to make sure that their employees are updated with the developments and upgrades happening in the company. Be it a massage from the top client or any information from the partner companies, everything is to be known by the employees who opt for work from home. The company should build and stick to an information cascading policy. Companies must have the information management system well planned by experts. They can use various tools that are available for the WFH. For keeping the employees updated with the recorded videos, video calls, to other channels; the companies can choose anything. This is an important step to maximize team productivity.

2. Use Different Mediums to Communicate

Communication is very important while employees choose this mode of working. Therefore, it is advised to the managers that they try hard to keep the conversations on with their employees; but also make it meaningful and relevant. To fight this COVID-19 by remote working, the companies need to use different online tools like Microsoft Teams which will make it possible for the managers and employees to stay in touch while working hours to maximize team productivity.

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3. Start Using Online Tools for Task Management

The usage of online tools has helped employees a lot in many ways by making task management and communication easy during this COVID-19 pandemic situation.

“Around 47% of employees are dependent on the online tools for increasing productivity during the work from home and this can keep increasing with time due to these tools.”

My advise to all entrepreneurs & business owners that – “Before opting such tool, they should validate – is this tool secure and fit for their team or not.”

Paras Gaba (Founder – TechnoGriper Solutions Private Limited

There are plenty of tools available in the market which helps the employees in performing the tasks easily. For example, Trello is used to assign and manage the tasks and Google Doc is for saving the multitude of documents in the same place so that they can be shared easily, etc. We can say that online tools are a boon for remote workers to increase team productivity as now they need not keep calling and texting their colleagues.

4. Engage the Employees with Internal Communication

It is a bit difficult for the managers to get their workforce engaged while they work from home. They can use the internal communication team maps out dedication targets and operate their channels backward. With a broad workplace of diverse experiences and age ranges of workers, providing a common project that will cater to everybody is a good task. Every company should plan a forum that provides a multitude of events to obtain the maximum team productivity.

These were some tips which will help in increasing the team productivity of any company while its employees are working remotely. So, if you are also looking to build or integrate such online tools in your working process, then you can connect with TechnoGripper for assistance.

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