WEXT.in Community comes with some major positive impacts of COVID19 in India which will actually add value to India’s success over COVID19.

With the onslaught of COVID19 epidemic, it’s imperative to ensure the safety of people. The remedy suggested by the government of not stepping out of homes is one way to keep all intact from this deadly virus. Where this hard-hitting pandemic is unfurling the wave of panic among people, there’s also one positive side that India has come across because of this epidemic.

Several Bollywood bigwigs including Tiger Shroff, Deepika Padukone are manifesting the positive side that how this time can be better invested in yourself! However, all these talks aside, the best benefit India has attained from this emergency period is discovering the way to technical advancements. We all know, India lags, when it comes to the technological aspect. But corona has given it enough reasons to emerge out as a country with the technological sovereign.

So, here are the major positive impacts of COVID19 in India! Have a look!

1. First Corona Testing Kit by India

The poor record of India on testing people to detect coronavirus is a well-known aspect. But India successfully made a corona testing kit named, ‘Patho Detect’. It has turned out as the biggest challenge for many other countries.

The person behind this development is Ms. Minal Dakhave Bhosale, a virologist. She created this kit in the record time of just six weeks. However other countries took three to four months to create such a kit. Mylab Discovery has become the first firm of India to attain complete approval of creating & sell testing kits. The best part is this kit diagnosis within just two & a half hours. However, other imported kits take almost six to seven hours to diagnose it.

The first batch was sent to several diagnostic labs including Goa, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, etc. The firm is consistently making new corona testing kits which are essentially a positive side of the corona.

2. Multi-Patient Ventilators

DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) is the first which prepared a multi-patient ventilator for coping COVID-19 challenges. This unique ventilator will give services to 5-8 patients simultaneously. The ventilators have been successfully tested in hospitals at the national capital and have given positive outcomes. Mahindra & Mahindra are working for the fabrication of the components associated with these ventilators. This is again a bright side of COVID-19.

The shortage of ventilators will be fulfilled by DRDO successfully. 5000 ventilators will be ready by the end of April month, as per DRDO.

Besides many domestic manufacturers are coming forward to deal with the issue. These are Mysore’s Skanray Technologies, Ahmedabad-based LifeLine Biz, Vadodara’s AB Industries, Air Liquid Medical Systems of Chennai, New Delhi-based AgVa Healthcare, Mumbai-based AVI Healthcare, and Thane-based Medion Healthcare, etc. These producers have manufactured 5580 units in the March month alone. The plans are to raise its production and till the May end, 50000 ventilators per month have been targeted, which is currently 5500-5700.

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3. COVID Identifying App

When it comes to technological upgrades, it’s hard to forget IIT (Institute of Technology), the premier engineering school of India. This time, it has developed an app to detect individuals who have come in contact with positive cases of COVID-19. The name of this app is Aarogya Setu.

The ultimate purpose of it is to keep people aware of coronavirus, it’s symptoms, and preventive measures. This app successfully identifies those persons who have been within two meters of corona positive cases. Again it’s a great positive side of the corona.

It uses Bluetooth and GPS features to track people with corona infection. So, if this app is installed and an infected person comes near you, you will get aware of the risk instantly. It scans the risk via the database of Indian known cases and uses location information for it. Indeed, it’s quite an applauding step of letting people aware of COVID-19 risk they might get infected with.

4. New Supply Chains in India

Global manufacturers have started thinking about shifting their supply chains to India from China. They took this decision to diversify their operations in India following the COVID-19 outbreak.

Coronavirus disrupted the Wuhan city, the ‘Motor City’ of China thoroughly, from where corona started unfurling (as per reports). It affected several automotive factories. So the fuel-injection systems and other electronic parts that were earlier imported from China might be imported from India onwards. Many companies from the globe are thinking to align with Indian vehicle makers for manufacturing and sourcing of parts.


So, amidst all the negativity of corona, it’s unexpected positive side is much appreciable. Though there are many other positive outcomes such as a positive impact on the cosmos, people are getting time to value their real possessions, and people focusing more on their nutrition & investing in themselves, these technological innovations shared-above are superlative.

We hope you enjoy the Positive impacts of COVID19 in India. For a more interesting article on COVID19, Follow WEXT.in Community.

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