Amity School of Engineering and Technology, situated in Bijwasan, is an engineering institute affiliated to the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Dwarka. As our Last Blog, AMITECH’17 is our annual techno-cultural festival of AMITY School of Engineering & Technology. It’s a fun-filled day with energetic and exhilarating events with everyone giving their best to whatever they are involved in.

EARGASM is one event that stands out amongst other equally exciting events. It’s the version of the legendary BATTLE OF BANDS. This event is the ultimate riff-off filled with head banging rock and metal music. Awe-inspiring bands from various renowned colleges affiliated to Delhi University and Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University and many other famous private universities put up a fierce fight every year for supremacy by giving stellar performances.

The blast beats of drums, melodic patterns of synthesizer, powerful and energy filled vocals along with the breath-taking music played on the bass, rhythm and lead guitars send the crowd into a frenzy. Guitarists perform stunts with their guitars. Last year, our extremely talented senior Arpit Sarkar, turned around, put the guitar at the back of his head and then played it!

Terms & Conditions for Applying in Battle of Bands at AMITECH’17:

  • Each band consists of 4-10 members.
  • There are usually two vocalists, three guitarists playing bass, rhythm and lead guitars, a fabulous drummer and one person playing the synthesizer.
  • They get a maximum of 15 minutes on the stage with the initial 5 minutes allotted for the sound check and the remaining 10 minutes for a thrilling performance.
  • 5% of total marks are deducted for every extra minute.
  • Use of pre-recorded music (like sequences, keyboard rhythm, guitar loops) result in disqualification. Also, no instruments are provided by the organizers.
  • Both Indian and western songs are performed. A medley of songs is preferred by the judges and the crowd.
  • Singing songs in a flow without any abrupt pauses is more appealing and sounds more melodious.
  • Judging is done on the basis of coordination, choice, and execution of songs, solo parts, and teamwork.

This event is a major crowd puller and is always a hit amongst the audience. It attracts the best of sponsors. There are no participation fees as we believe that artists should never pay to perform. The winning bands walk away with prizes worth a whopping amount of 20,000 rupees. This year the event is on 31st march, 2:30 PM onwards in the Massive Sangathan Ground of AMITY University, Noida.

How to Register for Battle of Bands (BOB) at AMITY University?

Visit: and Send your Video’s or Video’s URL for Facebook/Youtube at Email ID mentioned in the Form.

For More Details, Visit Official Facebook Page of AMITECH’17.

Stay tuned with Community for more Events at AMITECH’17, AMITY University.

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