No, doubt the popularity of the entrepreneurship is day by day growing but yet the initial startup businesses are facing numerous set of challenges and problem on its own way. A major reason for most of the startup failures is not the lack of hands-on experience, efficiency, opportunities, and resources but some sort of distinct issues which is certainly responsible in bringing obstacles in the path of your startups’ growth like dearth in products validity that most of the startups hope is easily possible to sale using only word of mouth, lack of systematic planning that straights hit the sales development, skill and efficiency of the employees, failure in targeting right customers, which is an enough major tricky problem, lack of time management and also a good mentorship.

As we know these are some usual challenges that any newly established company or Startup faces at its delicate stage of the beginning and in few cases even in advancement. WEXT Community –Walk and Text is such a platform where any new risk holding startup can take the joining and can explore the due solution of its problem in a concern free mode. Here, upon taking membership and the proper learning of the accurate business strategy you can feel yourself a best opportunistic and optimistic with the wide client acquisition.

So, to reduce these common challenges, the key part of your business strategy, here we have brought a few key benefits that WEXT the community of emerging startups is going to offer you through our upcoming Biggest Bussiness Summit – Startup Manthan:

Unlimited Business Networking:

A very effective valuable marketing tool, through which you can improve your business relation, can form a sustainable business and can increase the potential clientele by providing basic information of your product and the brand in a new, innovative budget saving solution. Networking is a door of opportunities, which is much necessary for day-to-day business success.

Personal PR/Branding:

Personal PR/Branding is quite helpful to grow your business. With the help of intellectual-minded peoples, a strong business is possible to establish in a very limited time. Personal PR practices provides you with an opportunity to meet, communicate and to share your quality business experiences with reputed business head and investors of PAN India.

Listen to Good Speakers

For a strategically business success. It is most important to hear and share your experience with every successful business achievers and to gain inspiration from them. By listening to good speakers, the key government talks and media coverage, you can lead your business prospect and can turn your valuable decision in the right direction of the business.

Media Coverage

Media Coverage includes the demonstration of any fresh news in a broad way. It is linked with publicity. Media plays a crucial role in lifting and throwing any type of big or small establishments. For startups, media support is the best source of reputation and also of brand promotion. Striking a partnership with the broadcast providers helps the startups in good exposure of business.

Startup Showcase

It is actually an initiative that helps to nationwide big and small entrepreneurs in building a strong connection with potential customers and industry professionals The startup showcase’ the main emphasis is on the low-cost showcasing and marketing of the startup ideas to the general public. With the help of Startup Showcase, several businesses can easily reach to benefits of the long-term through several effective solutions such as networking, brand promotion, product showcase, business growth discussion etc.

Product Display

A valuable part of exhibitions and events. With the help of product display, a big opportunity for brand promotion and networking are easily possible to develop. In any major or small exhibition, the idea of product display strongly focuses on the critical process of manufacturing and delivering products that heavily follows the guidelines of the consumer demands.

Leadership Talk:

Leadership Talks awakes the self-motivation in the way of career progression and building success. In leadership talk, the speaker always acts as a role model shares interesting & inspiring stories and events based on their own life experience, which drives others in the direction of emerging their inner leadership skills and management.

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Having 5+ years of Experience in Operations Head, Logistics, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, UI/UX Designing. Anupama B Gaba is currently engaged with 2 entities one is TechnoGripper Solutions Private Limited as Director and another is Community as Cofounder.

Introducing – Startup Manthan Grand Finale

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