The smartphone revolution has taken technology into different heights and this technology is defining the way of life today.

Android and iOS are two buzzing words in today’s world.  Main reason is because of the way the smartphones have spread into consumer life through apps and these apps are built on popular operating systems Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.

Apple and Google have brutal competitors over Android and iOS where consumers have enormous benefits. But which is the best and whether to pick iPhone or one of many Android phones, for what reasons is a huge discussion among technology world and consumers too.

Factors like affordability, interface, and the variety of apps, cloud services, voice assistances, security and many other factors come into picture when we discuss the best operating system here.

Trending apps and quality of these apps make smartphones more desirable for customers. Android developers have certainly designed good looking apps in last two years where iOS developers couldn’t win the business.

When it comes to Touch ID, malware, and user privacy, Apple customers can certainly feel safe about personal data, improved security. Apple encrypts data in iMessages and its other apps.

The World is crazy about pictures and selfies, therefore, camera, photo backup, and cloud services play a vital role. Unlike on iOS where one can only backup on iCloud, photos app in Android can automatically backup user’s photos. Apple is lagging behind when it comes to cloud storage where Microsoft one drive and Google drive have dominated by offering free and cross-platform support.

Android being an open source operating system, it is giving developer’s flexibility to add new features and for technology companies, it is coming for low-cost & readymade. But does it make things perfect? Not necessarily. There are many disadvantages to this like apps incompatible with different versions of Android, lack of clear policy to how applications can adapt with various OS and upgrades, being an open source Android gets money generated majorly from advertising which leads to customer frustrations, lack of testing giving the opportunity for malware.

Finally, one thing that is definite is the power that these operating systems have on iOS and Android devices in incredible and amazing. Both these platforms are stable and secure with thousands of apps available for customers. The debate about Android vs iOS can bring an overwhelming number of points and we have only got room to touch on some of them. Customer’s choices can vary on various aspects which are making these companies on top today.

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