The single-rider, human-sized drone that whipped CES 2016 into a free for all could be carrying passengers as ahead of schedule as this late spring. As the leader of Dubai’s Roads and Transportation Agency declared at the World Government Summit yesterday, the Chinese EHang 184 traveler drone will start “normal operations” around the cutting edge city in July of 2017.

Truth be told, as the Associated Press reports, the EHang 184 has as of now been hurdling around Dubai’s Burj Al-Arab high rise, which happens to have a helipad coasting a bewildering 689 feet off the ground. “This is not just a model,” Roads and Transportation boss Mattar al-Tayer said. “We have really tried different things with this vehicle flying in Dubai’s skies.”

Since al-Tayer didn’t detail, it’s as of now hazy whether any of those flights really conveyed a genuine individual, however, it sounds like the Personal Flying Vehicle’s specs have become some slight execution overhauls since we keep going saw it on the floor in Las Vegas. The AP reports the PFV now has a half-hour flight time with around 31 miles of range, yet traveler limit is still restricted to one 260-pound individual and single little bag. Since the vehicle is independent, the traveler just needs to punch in their goal and strap in before take-off. From that point, the 184 will convey by means of the 4G remote system with a control room on the ground like the one EHang demonstrated Engadget before the end of last year.

While the crown gem of the United Arab Emirates will get the opportunity to claim gloating rights as the primary city to unleash flying traveler rambles, authorities in Nevada are additionally looking for the FAA’s endorsement on the EHang 184 – so we may see EHang back at CES with a genuine, flying item sooner than anticipated.

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