What’s Up Wellness has raised INR 60 lacs from shark tank season 2. Veenita, Aman and Anupam invested in this startup. Pitcher asked ₹50 lakhs for 3% equity in the company at a valuation of 16.67 crores. Veenita, Aman and Anupam gave a combined offer of 60 lacs for 4.76% equity, and the deal was finalised with the same offer.

Also Read Green Snack Co has raised INR 1 crore from shark tank season 2. Veenita invested in this startup. The pitcher asked for INR 1 crore at 2% equity of the company at the valuation of INR 50 crores.

About What’s Up Wellness

The co-founders of the company are Vaibhav Makhija and Sayantani Mandal. They both worked in The Man and Grofers, and they realized the gap in the market and started their own business. 

Around 82% of Indians suffer from stress, and many have insomnia. Approximately 50% of Indians are worried about their hair falling and having skin problems. What’s Up Wellness comes with gummies that can fill the nutrition caused by sleep deficiency in 20 seconds. They have sold their product to more than 25000 customers. These gummies are available on their website and other marketplaces like Amazon, Nyaaka and Flipkart. They have the vision to take care of the wellness of all people worldwide. Though it is a bootstrap company, it had a commitment of 1.5 crores at a pre-money valuation of 10.5 crores.

What’s Up Wellness Business Statistics:

Their one gummy cost is ₹30. They are relatively cheaper than the leading brands. They have around 50000 Instagram followers. Their last month’s net sales were 30 lakhs. The gross margin is 86%. With a margin of 81%, they sell the product at 699 rupees. Their courier cost is 80 rupees, fulfilment cost is 12 rupees, packaging cost is 10 rupees, and CAC is 600 rupees. Out of total sales, 70% comes from their website, 30% comes from the marketplace, and the monthly marketing cost is 18 lakhs.

What Problem Do They Solve?

What’s Up Wellness is a wellness brand that sells wellness supplements and creates a healthy community. Its platform offers biotin and multivitamins gummies for bright skin, hair growth, and strong nails enabling customers to chew one gum daily. And it will induce calmness and deep sleep and works as a beauty hack.

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